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RiseUP TV Welcomes Daily Struggles to their Streaming Channel on Roku TV

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Daily Struggles Is The Most Unique And Innovative Sitcom Web Series Ever Produced

MONTREAL - EntSun -- Join in on the scintillating wit of Daily Struggles. The sitcom of the life and times of ordinary, everyday people living the best life they can. To all the ins and outs of being in a relationship; The Good, The Bad and The Daily Struggles.

RiseUp TV has announced they're streaming Daily Struggles sitcom through their hybrid distribution system. Daily Struggles is a Canadian production filmed in Montreal, Quebec and is created by Robert D'Alessio.

The sitcom is being aired monthly on the RiseUp TV channel available on ROKU.  Roku TV tops 50 million subscribers as streaming surges amid the pandemic.  Daily Struggles can also be found on the 'Bobby's Short Shorts' Channel and on the 'Daily Struggles sitcom' YouTube channel.

The 'Mandolinis' have been married for over 30 years. Carmine is a stubborn man who constantly disappoints his wife Isabella. Isabella is constantly stuck fixing what her beloved breaks. There is a multitude of reasons why Isabella is disappointed by Carmine, however the love is strong.

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The 'AHS'; Jeremi'Ah and Sall'Ah is the other couple featured. They are in their own dimension. They are free loving hippies who differ from the Mandolinis greatly with a few Worldly exceptions. Sall'Ah's obsession doesn't always make a happy camper out of her beloved husband.  Jeremi'Ah is her man. Jeremi'Ah is a musician who dotes to his wife's concerns. This comedy will take you back to a familiar scene of what has occurred in your own bizarre sitcom called life.

Robert D'Alessio has been an actor for over 20 years. He studied film and television production at Champlain Regional College and later became interested in acting. The cast of Daily Struggles includes; Robert D'Alessio, Patty Saragosa, Art Laduke, Jenny DuHaime, Myriam Lopez, Jeff Auminio, Edna Katz Silver, Dushash The Impeccable.

Daily Struggles is the most unique and innovative sitcom web series ever produced. Join the fun as the characters swivel between the 'Mandolinis' and the 'Ahs' worlds. Loads of laughter and enjoyment to confiscate your mind to a place of rib-tickling comedy.

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