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Raster.Studio announces the launch of reblog.live, a blog to explore our possible futures

Reblog.live publishes daily news and points of view about our possible futures. Get inspired to imagine how we will live in 50, 100, 150 or 5000 years.

RIMOUSKI, Quebec - April 18, 2017 - EntSun -- reblog.live is a new source of daily information about how our future will look.

We explore the possible futures, as imagined today or from the past. We try to understand how our view changes over the time – can life be exclusive to the earth? Will we reach the space age? How will we coexist with AI? Will we let our cars make vital decisions for us?


Daily news and articles

Day after day, the reader will find articles with high quality visuals (images, videos, animations) along with major news about the progress of the sciences and of the technics.

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Possible futures of transportation

The cars may or may not completely drive by themselves with humans onboard. They will have decisions to make concerning our own survival in some situations. In the meantime, we will explore and find new ways to travel. It is now acceptable to say that we will reach 99.9999% of the speed of light - maybe one day we will allow ourselves to find solutions to go beyond.

Possible future of habitat

If the economy is healthy, we can expect to see our habitat evolve quickly with improved energy management, numeric assistance, and living experience in general. We will do parallels as for the visions of the future of Paris seem consistent across the years.

Possible future of virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality

Full room virtual reality, augmented reality, with mixed reality being the best of both worlds – we have no restriction to imagine and shape our digital future. We progress step by step on the technological side, but we progress very slowly on the conceptual side to adopt and leverage this new medium.

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Possible futures of the user interface

The volume of data will continue to grow exponentially, but our capability to design a system to interact with this data evolves in parallel. Natural language, touch desks, direct mind communication can all help us to better understand and take benefit of this data we accumulate.

An open visit to the future

We collectively shape our present at the best of our collective capabilities, and we use more and more technology to assist us.

This new blog is an invitation to visit all the possible future imagined today or yesterday, to keep the idea alive.

You can read and comment to bring your own points of view. And let's shape our future as we want it, together.

Raster Studio

Source: Raster.Studio

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