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Pro Wrestling Legends Sign to Battle in Las Vegas

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Rock Riddle, professional wrestling's original "Mr. Wonderful"
Hall of Famers B. Brian Blair and Rock Riddle Set to Square Off April 29th

LAS VEGAS - March 19, 2019 - EntSun -- Today's press conference drew journalists from over a dozen media organizations. They witnessed professional wrestling Hall of Famers B Brian Blair and Rock Riddle sign contracts to face each other on day one of the yearly Cauliflower Alley Reunion event – 6:00 pm, Monday, April 29, 2019 – the Gold Coast Hotel, Las Vegas, NV.

"Finally!" exclaimed Rock Riddle, professional wrestling's original Mr. Wonderful. "Brian Blair has avoided facing me for over two decades!" Riddle paused for a moment, displaying his familiar condescending snarl. "It's been that long since I beat him the last time. I'm amazed that he signed the contract! Maybe senility is beginning to set in; he was past his prime twenty years ago. Guess it's time to give him another wrestling lesson!"

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As might be expected at a press gathering, Blair grabbed a second microphone. "For the record," he began, "this is the first time I've been presented with a contract to wrestle Mr. Riddle in over twenty-five years, and, as you just witnessed, I signed rather quickly -- before Riddle could back out." He glanced in Riddle's direction and shook his head. "I don't remember Rock Riddle ever beating me. I think he switched the outcomes in his mind. I'd also like to point out that Mr. Riddle is at least several years older than I am. And we'll see on April 29th who receives a wrestling lesson."

"I'd like to invite everyone to come out and support the Cauliflower Alley Club – the largest philanthropic organization for professional wrestlers in the world. Hundreds of wrestlers will attend, including many of the biggest names in the industry"
Blair added.

"You may be doing it for charity," Riddle spewed, his cocky, arrogant, condescending wrestling persona alive and well, "but I'm doing it for glory!"

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Brian Blair pointed at Riddle and smiled. "And that's why you'll lose" he said.  It was a mike-drop moment.

Without wrestling promoter Billy Blade (www.ProWrestlingUnplugged.com), the upcoming match would not be possible. "Just mention my name or say, 'I'm here to see Blair vs Riddle' and you'll be my guest – free admission for that event and the night before!" Blade offered.

Brian Blair added, "Come for the wrestling, stay for the 3-day star-studded event." Tickets available here: www.caulifloweralleyclub.org


Brian Blair and Rock Riddle are available for interviews

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Source: Pro Wrestling Unplugged
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