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Pete Laan - Voice over animals comedy for YouTube

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From pout selfies to gangsta raps to voice over animals, Pete Laan does it in style..

ADELAIDE, Australia - March 22, 2019 - EntSun -- Pete Laan nails comedy voice over.

In an age that is always changing and evolving it pays not to get stuck in a rut doing the same old things each day. So Today, we talk with budding Australian Entrepreneur and entertainer Pete Laan who has just stepped into a new realm of performing comedy voice overs for his audience.

So tell us, what ever made you decide to get your meerkat voice on and have a crack at voice over animals?

Pete : I've always liked unique animals and they're silly, comical reactions to certain unfolding events.. I'd seen voice over comedy before and thought it'd be a bit of fun and way to unwind after work, I wouldn't say I take it all that seriously.

Your YouTube clip "pete laan voice over animals" has had reasonable success (and criticism) possibly for its rude taste in language.. any regrets?

Pete : (laughs) not at all.. from the get go I was aiming this video at an adult audience, I probably could have labeled that better from the start 'cause it was quick to be flagged by administrators. I know bad language doesn't appeal to all types of audiences but I'd also say that the language wasn't "too" full on and was tastefully picked to add appeal.

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The video really was quite a laugh, especially the tail whip to the face with the hilarious helicopter noise.. was this shot taken first take?

Pete: yeah, much like any of my videos (cheating on my girlfriend in Australia) about the emu, or the Kerser comedy rap (I just shot Kerser), I shoot my media first take straight off the bat. I feel that it becomes to fake and lacks charisma if it's all been ironed out perfectly, I'm definitely a man of the moment and give it my best first hit.

Well we at swag fm love your work pete, every time we think you've found a certain style or genre you prove us wrong and switch things up! All the very best with your new business Social Media Boosted and comedy acts to come. We look forward to them..

Pete : Thanks a lot for having me, I'll try my best to continue to create the most cooked of comedy content for this world (laughs)


For more information regarding Social Media Boosted, visit https://petelaan.net/ or contact Pete directly at petelaan87@gmail.com

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