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Pete Laan - Let's Fake it til we make it!

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Not all that glitters is gold.. are you being fooled by fake news?

ADELAIDE, Australia - March 23, 2019 - EntSun -- Let's be honest. Who hasn't at least once in their lives wished that they were famous? The money, the cars, the exotic places we could go. I know I sure as hell have and it's a dream I still quite haven't let go of.

Problem is, I have no one thing in particular that I dominate in. Yeah I can play guitar, jump bikes, code websites, make voice overs, shoot guns, write press, but at the end of the day so can a lot of other people. I really have nothing in particular I stand out from the crowd with. So what if I could just bullshit my way to the top? Would that be so wrong to do, would I just be living a lie? I'm not going to name anyone in particular but hell it's happening everyday. Not only are these "celebrities" bullshitting their way to the top of the chain, they're actually getting away with it! Right beneath our believing little noses.

I guess the age old saying "seeing is believing" still stands true to this day but does anyone stop and realise "just" how easy it is now to fabricate lies and get that shit published? I can't believe how naive some people are to not see this is happening and a very real thing.

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With the advent of social media, news has been made to circulate so quickly that no one even has time to consider reading a traditional news paper anymore, they all just reach for their smart phone, trust Google. But the one and only problem with this new way of absorbing media and news is that in far too many cases there is very little to no required auditing or verification at all. I could just scrap this whole article so far and start again writing with the fact that I'm the sickest c#nt, I own 3 four bedroom brick houses houses in surfers paradise and a $160,000 Nissan GTR and I've never worked a hard day in my life. You jealous? Don't believe it? Well you're reading it, so must be true.. it's published on this news website.

What about the 136,000 Instagram followers on a certain famous rappers profile? does that make him sicker than me and my poxy lame 1200? Did you even realise you can buy Instagram followers these days, buy 5 star ratings, by views and even buy the customised comments while you're at it to really show the envious how "fresh" you are coz of the copious amounts of attractive 21 year old girls posting obsessive comments about your body. You can fabricate social media accounts so well, that girls (or guys) can literally be fooled into believing you actually are "insta famous".. an "influencer" or at least a "viral Youtuber" with your 1 million views,  trust me, I've been laid this way. Oh how Sad, I know! For her..

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Long story short, what I'm trying to get at here is that youth of today have no idea what so ever that a vast amount of online "news" or "publications" they are taking in as gospel is in reality nothing but downright online lies. Ego boosting, ego marketing, made solely to let something appear much cooler than you, whilst you sit on the bus reading it feeling so uncool.. so uncool that you hadn't even stopped to consider that fact. Just a thought! - Pete Laan


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