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Perceptions of the Afterlife - Emotional Energy Workshop and Book Signing

Reach Your Highest Potential and Unleash the Power within! July 8th 1-3pm Workshop followed by book signing Aquarius Book, 528 NE E St Grants Pass, OR 97526, (541) 479-4000 ·

LAKE OSWEGO, Ore. - May 8, 2017 - EntSun -- Workshop with Emotional Energy Coach Petra Nicoll and Sharon Bauer, Medium  July 8th 1-3pm followed by book signing
Aquarius Book,  528 NE E St Grants Pass, OR 97526,  (541) 479-4000 ·

Witness a HUGE shift in how you experience life!

"Ring the bell that still can ring and forget your perfect offering;
There is a crack in almost everything and that's how the light gets in."
~ Leonard Cohen

Imagine clearing away the old suppressed emotion and pain and embracing the joy of life with the clarity and freshness of a kitten, a child or a Buddha.

The Emotional Energy Technique  is a blend of meditation, Gestalt, Bioenergetics, and Reichian modalities. Experience living in the flow of your being instead of at the effect of the protective personality and mind.

The Process: A blend of meditation, Gestalt, Bioenergetics, and Reichian modalities.

Workshop includes:

• Awaken and enliven every aspect of your life
• Have more creativity, spontaneity, and JUICE
• Quiet the mind and live from the heart & original nature
• Become more present and peaceful in daily life
• Rekindle your "childlike" enthusiasm and vitality
• Deeply understand YOUR life's purpose

The Petra Nicoll Story:

Petra Nicoll, Author of  "The Big Secret" with Jack Canfield and a Memoir -
Petra's Ashes "A Transcendental Journey",  grew up with her middle-class family in the small village of Markt Schwaben, enjoying childhood innocence in a place of picturesque beauty, just fifteen miles east of Munich, the capital of Bavaria, Germany.   Sheltered and protected by her  Catholic family, her memoir reveals a journey of unsettling discoveries and uncommon insights.

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Through her near death experience, the extreme pain and sorrow of her exposure to the tragic death of her mother, suicide, depression, and realities of war. Being led to The Masters of the Far East, The Shaman's of North America and Mexico awakens her to the realization and vision that she has been given—to become transformed and more intuitive, authentic and soul-centered, which takes her on a journey that she now uses as tools to help others.

Petra says, "Something unexplainable had shifted inside of me. I was changed, and felt strangely detached from my family, and my life as it was before. I wished I could go to the place of peace and love forever—it was home. "

Petra Nicoll is a Radio Show Host, Author, Emotional Energy Coach, International Speaker, Workshop and Seminar Leader who helps you unravel and unveil your patterns so that you can live your highest potential. When you tell your story, you are able to see how the patterns have influenced the overall theme of your life—and how your story has taught you specific life lessons. How lessons become positive, even in the midst of much darkness, despair, and grief.

She has facilitated hundreds of workshops with positive, sustainable transformations in individuals for over twenty-five. Her passion centers around helping people reach their highest potential by clearing away emotional blockages that hinder them from moving forward.  Her newly released book "The Big Secret" with Jack Canfield and her Memoir,  Petra's Ashes "A Transcendental Journey" will change the way readers look at themselves and the world around them. Petra's Coaching and Workshops support people by helping them through the process of transformation through writing, meditation and many other modalities.

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Petra works one-on-one with individuals or couples in individual sessions or in circles (or group of individuals or couples) settings.

About Sharon Bauer

Since she was a child, Sharon Bauer has been able to communicate with those whom have passed to the Afterlife.

It wasn't until later in her life these knowings happened more often and with greater frequency. From that point on, she started receiving messages from others in the Afterlife. They would appear before her suddenly and without warning, and whomever appeared was usually related in some way to whomever she was around. Sometimes, she would be driving and suddenly would hear them speak to her; and it was related to a person at the destination she was headed. She gets tremendous satisfaction from facilitating resolution and healing between the two worlds.

Sharon Bauer is an International Medium, Speaker, Teacher and Owner and Founder of "The Alpha Academy of Healing Arts and Science". In her book "Life Eternal, Love Immortal", the most moving, uplifting stories that demonstrate how people can receive great peace and comfort through her readings.  The stories she recounts in her book prove that we're never Alone. Life is Eternal.  Death is often called "the great mystery, or the "elephant in the room,"  But what if it doesn't have to be?  What if we could know with great certainty that those who have died still live on and continue to love and protect us?  What if you could ask questions, find clarity, or say the last words you didn't get to say with sudden deaths?


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Petra Nicoll and Sharon Bauer

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