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OPEN DISTANCE -- Pucker Even More on Friday the 13th

Just when you thought Friday the 13th was dicey news, this one makes an unlucky day seem tame.

FREMONT, Calif. - Oct. 13, 2017 - EntSun -- Within an extreme world of high risk international flying and deep sea competition, two arch-rivals vie for glory, survival, and something that's not altogether clear. Stakes are high--nearly everything Nolan Farragut does is perilous--but physical risk is not the point. He has a claim on an obscure, gut-wrenching past--a past he keeps buried--a past too painful to relive.

And so he immerses himself in the conflict, embracing the hostility, keeping the grudge alive...until fate compels him, in the very shadow of death, to revisit it all.

Meanwhile his destiny entwines with that of his adversary in an ever-knotted tangle of resentment, calamity, sacrifice...and the unacceptable risk of regret.

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OPEN DISTANCE is for those who want more intrepid soaring aviation, deep sea daring, turmoil, RWSF (real-world sci-fi), and powerful human emotion than any fifty other tales could ever provide.

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...Michael Vorhis fiction is enjoyed and acclaimed in 26 countries, and a screenplay project is in the works.




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