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One Platform To Bring Consumers A Variety Of Verified Sustainable Clothing Brands

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The groundbreaking platform Ethycally was created by a group of established tech entrepreneurs who were moved by the injustices of the fast fashion industry.

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Ethycally: one platform to bring consumers a variety of verified sustainable clothing brands.

By: Kaylei Nilson

San Francisco-- The groundbreaking platform Ethycally was created by a group of established tech entrepreneurs who were moved by the injustices of the fast fashion industry and the struggle to find existing practical solutions for ethical online shopping.

The fast fashion industry uses a 'take, make, and dispose' model to fulfill consumer demands for high-fashion at a low price. However, it does not truly come at a low price. The founder of Ethycally, Amine Bellajdel, first discovered this when he watched the documentary, "The True Cost." The documentary pulls back the curtains and reveals the truths of the fast fashion industry which profits off of the exploitation of laborers and the environment. According to a 2018 Oxfam report, it only takes a top global fashion CEO four days to make what a Bangladeshi garment worker will earn in her lifetime.

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As awareness about the travesties of the fast fashion industry continues to grow, consumers like Bellajdel are starting to demand accountability from brands. Making the decision to become a sustainable shopper is easy, following through is much harder. Bellajdel struggled to verify if the companies were ethical employers and eco-friendly or if they were greenwashing their consumers. He frequently had to visit multiple sites to find viable options.

Ethycally is the all-encompassing solution to these common issues.They use Remake's process to verify that most of the sustainable clothing brands they feature, such as Symbology, comply with their values about human rights and the environment. The website is a multi-sided marketplace that features several ethical brands, so consumers can have variety in one place.

Ethycally values its brand relationships and understands the difficulties in competing with the fast fashion industry. The company provides a solution to uplift its brands by allowing them to be featured in curated boutiques, such as Vegan Fashion, which features multiple vegan shoe brands. Partners have the ability to promote these boutiques and get commission from the sales to help them fund their activities.

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In addition to providing a practical platform for sustainable shopping, Ethycally also donates up to 10% of their proceeds to nonprofits that promote causes that focus on human rights and environmental justice. For example, the founder of the New York Fair Trade Coalition and Ethycally partner Andrea Reyes created The Little Black Fair Trade Dress boutique and all proceeds will support the Black Lives Matter movement.

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