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Official or unofficial? The compromise between Haute Couture runway fashion and social fashion addicts

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Distortions of the rules that guide the marketing of fashion brands and that respond to the growing needs of young designers

NEW YORK - EntSun -- From an analysis by Margherita Lamesta Krebel

Off-schedule fashion shows and pre-events a rising phenomenon among small and big trademarks. As a matter of face, already since about a decade, in the name of the market and a policy which is evermore customer-centric, there is an attempt to reduce the gap between Haute Couture, digital consumer, fast fashion, ready to wear and retail, treading alternative roads at official fashion weeks. It is evident that just the binomial February / March by itself – for the autumn/winter collections – and September / October – for the spring/summer – with their six month gap, create a discrepancy between client and immediate availability of products on the market. Therefore, among the alternative radical chic choices of the big brands or even those preferred by small brands, the controversial phenomenon, snubbed by the more conservative, favors instead a plurality of expression which is very stimulating also for the creativity of fashion house leaders themselves.

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For example, a pioneer such as Tom Ford, already since 2016, has revolutionized the rules of High Fashion on the very trail of digital consumerism, with an unreleased format of small events whose leaders are at the same time in store and on line.

On the other hand, the instant fashion of see and buy now offer more agile players such as Zara or H&M the ability to create and commercialize collections inspired by the catwalks of luxury brands, with a successful outcome that is guaranteed and easily attained, that does no good to High Fashion.

And following this intersecting landscape and attention to tradition, social and media across the board, the following September 3rd, Patrizia Fiandrini and Mario Orfei as well, two Haute Couture brands, will be protagonists of the West New York Fashion Week, one of the most followed and dynamic no official platforms, representing the Italian style and the Italian evergreen hand made. As a matter of fact, Studio Del Vecchio, founded in Milan in 1981 by Lino del Vecchio and which represents the two maisons totally dedicated to the hand made, has always been a promoter of proposals – even low budget ones – in favor of the ascent of small brands alongside big international companies. Since 2014 its founder invests resources and energy also in alternative proposals at official circuits, concentrating above all on Paris and New York and elaborating a partnership for the alternative catwalk together with galas and dedicated fashion parties.

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