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Now an International Smash at $67 Million Doggmen movie closes out a box office under the radar hit

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film stars DMX & Horse ' El Caballo ' Wren really brought the action back to action movies! It is a non stop heart pounding film that is being nominated for multiple awards.

NEW YORK - EntSun -- How did this Doggmen movie do the impossible? The unprecedented and still be just a great film. It all came down to the key components "ACTING & ACTION"
with a camera shot is as if your there during the plots of revenge! It has literally swept the international premieres in a frenzy and just kept getting better with each viewing! Bringing in Millions upon Millions of dollars right under the radar. No super powers or customs, and it kicked down the doors of critics alike that came and watched this movie.
The brotherhood of the Doggmen was tested and with a few creative swift moves. They burn down the whole city leaving other cities in pieces.

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The movie does have some very good moments of clarity as to not let your mind race to believe they were just mad men.
In today's world if this type of honor and loyalty existed amongst friends. I could see a much better place in stating. These guys portrayed a sense of un-waivering honesty, yet could be understanding in someone else's shoes.
That type of behaviorial acting in this film delivers and delivers beautifully unremorseful.
DMX behind the scenes of the making of Doggmen:

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