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New York City Man Discovers Illegally Embedded Chips in Head

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Can this man Help Free wrongly Incarcerated? Can Wrongfully Convicted go free if Found Positive for Illegal Chips?

NEW YORK - Dec. 10, 2017 - EntSun -- A NYC man is seeking a criminal investigation and lawsuit for what he claims to be a "Criminal and Medical cover-up." This comes after he claims to have discovered in early October 2017, that over a dozen microchips had been embedded into his head while undergoing surgery at New York's Beth Israel/ Mount Sinai Medical Center, in Union Square, while undergoing surgery in 2013.

The 45, year old internet salesman, Shaun Berry claims the discovery came after he noticed that a powerful Neodymium Magnet purchased from a major home improvement store in Flushing, NYC, attached itself to the side of his head in early October 2017. "I was shocked," He said from a New Jersey hotel. "I knew something was causing the strange headaches, but hospitals were behaving very suspiciously."

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He added, "They denied me an MRI and gave me a claim about these sort of things happening to men at a certain age."

He also claims that when he did finally receive 2 medical examinations (one in NYC), which would have revealed any anomaly, they came up negative. "They lied. I knew they were covering something up."

As an ironic twist, Mr. Berry says that employees at one of Atlantic Care Hospital in Atlantic City (that previously gave him a negative result), now agrees with him--after seeing the magnet test. Saying that something is certainly amiss—and that he should schedule another more definitive examination.

Considering the criminal and legal aspects of illegal implants, particularly to cause pain--as in Mr. Berry's case, many wonder what would happen if many of  the wrongfully convicted in the U.S., were to test positive for illegal implant. "Naturally, they should be set free," Stated Mr. Berry.  "I have been suffering painful torture. And people react and respond different ways to this." he finally warned that criminal lawyers should examine any of their clients who have been incarcerated under suspicious circumstances.

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Mr. Shaun Berry has since posted this unusual discovery on a Blogger webpage at: https://www.chipexam.blogspot.com/ where he opens himself to physical examination, by skeptics and the medical community. The email where Mr. Berry may be reached is www.ChipDiscovery@Gmail.com. "I want the truth," He says, "of what was done to me at that New York City hospital. Think if it was done to others, who were convicted of a crime. Now they'll have to be examined carefully, and possibly released." He plans on suing for over $1 Billion.

Shon Stanberry, Marketing, PR manager,
SMA Agency-Berry, NYC

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