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New Writing Program For Novelists Helps Authors To Create Must-Read Fiction

Angela Booth's "Fiction: How To Write In Scenes ... The Magical Secret To Writing Well And Selling More" is available now. The program is suitable for both new authors and multi-published authors.

ADELAIDE, Australia - May 13, 2017 - EntSun -- With four million ebooks available on the Amazon Kindle Store, novelists face huge competition for sales.

One author told Angela: "I gave up my day job to go full-time as an author in 2015. But this year my income has dropped. I've got wonderful covers, my books are professionally edited, and I buy ads. If my sales keep dropping, I'll need to look for a job."

Copywriter, blogger, and author Angela Booth has been offering coaching and online courses for writers since 2002. She says: "In the past year, many authors report slumps in sales. They're advertising more, but are selling fewer books. Their biggest challenge is finding loyal readers."

In her work with authors, Angela has found that there's one thing authors can do to increase sales. Angela's students tell her that when they focus on scenes when they write their novels, they build their readership. "This morning, three people on social media asked me when the next book in the series is coming out," an author reported. She added: "That's never happened before."

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Her students helped Angela to create her new program: "Fiction: How To Write In Scenes ... The Magical Secret To Writing Well And Selling More."

Angela says: "Fiction: How To Write In Scenes developed out of strategies and exercises I created for students. They love the program because it not only helps them in writing their novels, but also in editing their work."

"Fiction: How To Write In Scenes ... The Magical Secret To Writing Well And Selling More" not only helps authors to write novels with bestseller potential, it also gives authors insights into editing their writing. One author told Angela that she can now see holes in her novels: "Previously, I could feel that a novel needed something – now I can act as my own developmental and production editor."

For more information, visit "Fiction: How To Write In Scenes ... The Magical Secret To Writing Well And Selling More" at https://www.angelaswritingclasses.com/how-to-write-in-scenes/.

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About Angela Booth

Angela Booth is a veteran copywriter, author and writing coach. She offers many guides, courses and classes to help writers to develop their skills. She also offers a range of ebooks and writing programs at https://www.angelaswritingclasses.com/.

She blogs regularly on her blogs for writers, including the Fab Freelance Writing Blog at http://www.fabfreelancewriting.com/blog/ and the Just Write a Book Blog at http://www.justwriteabook.com/blog/. Contact Angela via her blogs or via social media.

Source: Angela Booth

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