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New Generator Lowers Electricity Costs, Says Franklin-Thomas Company

Independently proven and patented generator said to save money

DELTONA, Fla. - Aug. 6, 2016 - EntSun -- The new generator's proven 92.3% efficiency will dramatically reduce electrical energy costs in everything from cars to homes to electrical grids, according to its inventor. The generator was invented by the Franklin-Thomas Company's (FTC) CEO, Joe D. Shepard.

According to Shepard, one of the main reasons electricity costs so much is the poor efficiency of current electrical generators – some of which were designed long ago. The newly patented generator could save us all untold millions and even increase gas mileage. Instead of old fashioned wired coils, this generator uses neodymium magnets in an arrangement unique enough to be patented.

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The exclusive generator design arose while Shepard was developing vertical axis wind turbines (VAWTs). Shepard built his own generator that had minimal parts, turned easily, and would have a long life.

Major manufacturers are lining up to discuss replacing their current generators with this new generator. To satisfy the broad needs of the manufacturing world, Shepard has built generators small enough to fit in your hand and large enough to power buildings. These all use the same design principles found in the generator he just had patented.

When connected to a natural gas or propane engine, Shepard is claiming home owners may be able to leave the grid behind and generate electricity for less than 4 cents per kilowatt hour.

As far as vehicles go, there may be really big news in the offing. GM's Delco wrote a report that if alternator efficiency was raised by just 20%, vehicle mileage would increase dramatically. Shepard said his efficient generator can directly replace alternators, which, if true, would change the energy landscape throughout the world. We could conceivably use less oil, shipping would be less costly, and engines would last longer. While the impact on your personal car would be significant, large vehicles would see an even more dramatic improvement.

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Speaking of vehicles, electric vehicles (EVs) are rated based on the cost of producing electricity. Shepard's generator would reduce the cost of electricity and the impact of the vehicle on the environment. Further, with Shepard's configuration of generators and prime movers, electric vehicles could charge faster for less money. Instead of a 'power wall' that uses the grid, these generators would take over the whole task of keeping the EV cars quickly ready to travel. One can envision EV charging stations literally everywhere powered by nearly silent natural gas engines.

This new electrical generator may answer many needs and change many things. While generators are for the most part considered invisible workers in the background, we need to understand that they are the backbone of our technology. Shepard is confident that 9 years of development has yielded a product designed and built in America that may help the world.

Joe Shepard
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Source: The Franklin-Thomas Company, INC

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