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New Book Aids Rotary International New Member Recruitment: Character Counts!

PORT LUDLOW, Wash. - April 19, 2017 - EntSun -- Nationally recognized media expert on social skills and character, and President and Founder of SocialSmarts, Corinne Gregory, announced the kickoff of a new funding campaign through Indiegogo designed to support the publication and distribution of her latest book "Character Counts: Bringing the Rotary Four-Way Test to Life."

"As our Rotarian population ages, we need to promote the Four-Way Test to a new and younger generation, many of whom lack experience with positive character models," Corinne Gregory, shared about the book. "I have long been inspired to write a book that highlights the character underpinnings of our Four-Way Test that could be useful as a tool for education and recruitment. This book shows inspirational examples of how the test works in action, and it is designed to serve as a useful tool in education and outreach years to come."

The "Character Counts" book is an in-depth examination of the hallmark pledge of Rotary – the Four-Way Test – originally penned by Herbert J. Taylor in the 1930s. Gregory isolates each question of the Four-Way Test, explores the key character building blocks that are embodied in each, and shares case studies and stories of Rotarians who have lived the representative concepts and practices.

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"This book is unique in that it focuses not only on the Four-Way Test as a whole," Gregory said. "It dissects the test into its components and drills down into what is meant by the words in each question, questions the implications of those words, and then offers real-life examples of the character concepts in practice."

Just as Rotary International itself has a broad membership representing different countries, different cultures and perspectives, so, too, the book features a diverse set of stories from varying parts of the globe. "While Rotary began as a white, male, business-class club in Chicago, IL, in its 112 years of existence, it has blossomed into a global, multi-cultural entity that has members representing all walks of life. I wanted the book to showcase that diversity and growth," Gregory explained.

While the crowdfunding campaign kicks off next week, the book is largely written and Gregory continues to collect stories and comments from Rotarians she communicates with via her email list, social media groups and more. She anticipates a May completion of the book with first printing available in late June or early July. "I'm excited to share this with the world – Rotarian and beyond," Gregory said.

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For more information on the funding campaign when it is launched, visit CharacterCountsRotary.com.

About Corinne Gregory. Corinne Gregory is the President and Founder of SocialSmarts®, a nationally-recognized program for developing strong social skills, positive character and values in children and adults. Corinne is an author, speaker, advisor, and a leading authority on education, business and family-development topics.  Her media appearances include The Today Show, CNN, Time Magazine, USA Today, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Parents Magazine, and many more. She was awarded Phi Delta Kappa's Distinguished Educator Award for Innovative Leadershp and Dedication. Corinne is a highly sought-after speaker, offering business and education-focused presentations and workshops.Besides her previously published technology and business-focused books, she is the author of the acclaimed "It's Not Who You Know, It's How You Treat Them - Five SocialSmarts® Secrets Today's Business Leaders Need to Stand Out and be Successful", "Breaking the Bullying Culture," and "Education Reform and Other Myths" Her website is http://corinnegregory.com. More info on SocialSmarts can be found at http://socialsmarts.com.

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