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Need something FUNNY for International Joke Day? Here are some JOKES about NEWS and PUBLIC RELATIONS

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Calling all Journalists! Calling all Journalists & Public Relations people! Need something Funny for International Joke Day? (July 1st): Here are some jokes about the News Business and the Public Relations Business

SAN MATEO, Calif. - EntSun -- SO…Whatcha got cookin' for International Joke Day?

*Got some jokes you can't tell about your boss?

*Got some jokes you don't dare tell in public?

Here are some jokes you could post in the newsroom's bathrooms, or maybe in the Newsroom as well.


(You might want to run it as a headline, too…)


"Whenever anyone asks me if newspapers are dying and if anyone reads newspapers anymore,

I tell them "Wait until some newspaper writes something bad about you, you'll think everyone in the world saw that article."

2) I also wrote a slightly sarcastic poem about the news business called "Slow News Day."

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Here is the poem:


Copyright 2017, Robert M. Barrows

I was scanning the wires for news

and I couldn't find nothing...

No killings, no wars, no fires,

no thefts, no car crashes,

not even some liars.

Nothing to write about,

not even bad weather...

I can't believe nothing bad happened...

Maybe tomorrow will be better?


You might also enjoy these two jokes I wrote about the Public Relations Business…

3) "When I meet with prospective clients to talk about my fees for various kinds of public relations services, I tell them that there are basically two types of Public Relations work…trying to get your name into the news, and trying to keep your name out of the news.

If they want me to try to keep their name out of the news, I tell that that will cost a lot more."

4) When people ask me about the best ways to measure the effectiveness of public relations efforts, I tell them that you can always use the traditional way of measuring Public Relations efforts by seeing how much news coverage you get…

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…and in the case of "Crisis Public Relations" work, the two best ways to measure the effectiveness of Crisis PR are…

A) How much restitution did the company have to pay?


B) How many years did the executives get in jail?

In each case, the lower the number the better!"

AND…to help you have even more fun on International Joke Day (and every day of the year) you can see some more of my jokes in a book I wrote called "Crazy Robert's Joke Book."

You can see a free sample and download the book for a dollar on Amazon.

Robert Barrows

Source: R.M. Barrows, Inc. Advertising & Public Relations
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