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Nation United Foundation Announces Partnership With Quantum Power Skills

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. - EntSun -- Nation United Foundation (NUF) is pleased to announce that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Quantum Power Skills LLC (QPS) to provide meaningful diversity, empowerment and inclusion programming, support and resources to stakeholders in the lacrosse community and other sports lacking diversity.

"We are excited about our strategic partnership with Quantum Power Skills and the opportunity it provides us [Nation United] to positively impact lacrosse and other sports like it. It's time to make diversity, inclusion and belonging a primary focus of the entire lacrosse community," Jeremy Ardrey, NUF Executive Director. "This requires education and ongoing support. That's what the partnership is all about."

QPS will play a key role in the Nation United Foundation Diversity Support Program (DSP) (http://www.nationunitedfoundation.org/dsp). DSP was established to help leaders and organizations develop the cross cultural dexterity needed to successfully leverage the growing racial and cultural diversity in the sport. The partnership provides a wide range of services focused on driving the value of diversity to support the growth and vitality of the game.

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"The partnership is important because there is strength and power in numbers. It also aligns with our goal of making a difference in the world by advancing diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives. Strategically, this expands QPS's reach into the lacrosse community, deepening impact, and paying it forward for current and future generations of student-athletes playing this great game", Soyini Chang, Co-Founder & CEO of QPS.

The union expands support for initiatives like the WE STAND (https://www.westandinitiative.com/) movement and enhances the ability for Nation United Foundation to assist with the development of Nation United Lacrosse Ambassadors and other student-athletes as advocates for greater diversity and inclusion in sports.

"This partnership brings value to the lacrosse community on many levels. For one, new talent, new ideas and new consumers are central to the promise of diversity.  However, to successfully realize the benefits we must be mindful and intentional about deepening a sense of belonging for individuals from all walks of life", Esu Ma'at, Co-Founder of QPS & Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer for the Orlando Magic.

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Nation United Foundation, promotes health and wellness by supporting greater participation sports across ethnic, socioeconomic and geographic boundaries. NUF is dedicated to bringing attention to the lack of diversity at the most competitive levels and serving as a conduit between underrepresented groups and key stakeholders in the sport. For more information, visit www.NationUnitedFoundation.org.

Quantum Power Skills is a transformative Diversity, Equity and Inclusion company that provides strategic direction, program implementation and comprehensive training focused on driving returns on investments along with returns on people, culture and society. Their mission is to make the world a better place advancing diversity, equity and inclusion. For more information, visit www.QuantumPowerSkills.com.

Jeremy Ardrey

Source: Nation United Foundation

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