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My Hidden Crypto Gem: The Defi DAO Fund

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LOS ANGELES - EntSun -- As the Defi economy increases, so does the interest around how much ludicrous profit you can to make. It may take days, or even years to find the most comfortable coin for you. Even when you do discover one you enjoy, you still might not totally understand the complexities of how the coin operates. Because of this common dilemma, the DAO fund team is here to help their token holders by making educated trades so they don't have to!

The DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) Cryptocurrency Fund is a managed, diversified cryptocurrency portfolio that includes day trading, defi, top 100 tokens, atlcoins, and more. We employ a key equation to get the price of DAO tokens. You take the total USD amount of the portfolio, and divide it by total amount of DAO tokens in circulation. One key part of the economics behind DAO tokens that's noteworthy is the way they gain price when bought AND sold. The reason for this is because DAO tokens are placed on a buy order at 12% less than their sell value, giving a 12% reduction on exit. This becomes a plus for the rest of DAO token holders, effectively increasing the value of the remainder of the tokens in the fund. This strategy is employed with the intention to encourage investors to hold on to their DAO tokens. The last neat asset design for the DAO fund is the function that aims to minimize the total risk and volatility of the cryptocurrency market. During periods where the DAO token is blasting off into the stratosphere, a part of the profit is put in a reserve fund. This reserve fund is utilized when the value of DAO goes down, helping reduce drawdown and to hold the integrity of the asset. I love the strategies employed in this token, which is why I plan to hold for at least 8 years.

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Source: The DAO Fund
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