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Moviegazoo Founder Launches New Racism APP (Madison Avenue)

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The Racism App Is Designed To Shine A Light On Systemic Racism That is Happening In Corporate America & On Madison Avenue!

NEW CANAAN, Conn. - EntSun -- "Let me start by apologizing to each Black Executive on Madison Avenue for not bringing my Racism APP Online earlier.  But on October 1, 2020 "BANN" will go live!  And any company that fails to meet the basic requirements outlined below will receive a 3-year Global Ban.

We will use our Digital Network to direct protesters to a company headquarters, block people from entering their establishment, create Online Digital Blackouts without breaking a single U.S., Canada or EU Law, take away all of a company revenue channels, counter program all media content, pass out content at all sponsored events, Post ending of films online or randomly send movie ending to non-members, post all Firewall & Paywall Flaws online and give consumers an incentive to buy a company competitors' products!  And for every revenue channel we take away we will offer a company supply channels a new one." stated Mr. Vince Charles Allen Moulterie II, Founder of Moviegazoo & Moviegazoo Digital Network.

Basic Requirements:
  • 30% of a Company's Advertising Budget Should Be Awarded To A Minority-Owned Agency.
  • 5% Increase Each Year Until 40% Of A Company's Ad Budget Is Being Awarded To A Minority-Owned Agency.
  • Minority-Owned Agency Should Also Receive 20% Of All Secondary Support Ad Budget.
  • Post The Name Of The Minority-Owned Agency That Handles Their Account On Their Website.
  • AT Least 1 Minority-Owned Agencies Should Be Given The Opportunity To Compete For Ad Account that's value above $1 billion.
  • Minority-Owned Agency Should not be removed from the Opportunity that they bring to an advertiser because of their size!  They should be given the same lead way to build up their staff in order to service the assignment or account, as white agencies have been afforded…

"Once a company receives a Racism Rating of 5, we will ask our members not to use or buy a company products.  Our Racism App will automatically start contacting every companies that is connected to the Advertising Agency that handle a company with a Racism Rating of 5; asking them to find another Advertising Agency to handle their account.  And a U.S. Ban will be honored in every country where we have members in! The first alert will be sent to 50 million members.  And the second alert will be sent to 100 million members.  And we will continue to provide our members with the information they need to avoid a company with a Racism Rating of 5, products."said Bruce J. Weston General Counsel for Moviegazoo.

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Top Advertisers:
  • Comcast Corp. – $5.75 billion
  • Procter & Gamble – $4.39 billion
  • AT&T – $3.52 billion
  • Amazon – $3.38 billion
  • General Motors – $3.24 billion
  • Verizon Communications – $2.64 billion
  • Ford Motor Company – $2.45 billion
  • Charter Communications – $2.42 billion
  • Alphabet, Inc. – $2.41 billion
  • Samsung Electronics – $2.41 billion

"Only a Minority-owned Agency will be able to request that a ban be lifted, and they will need two additional Minority-owned Agencies before the Racism App "BANN" Component will even consider their request.  The "BANN" Component will have full Autonomy and when a company fails to meet the basic requirements stated, it will act! Welcome to 3-Dimensional Technology Madison Avenue…

Top Advertising Networks:
  1. WPP Group          London
  2. Omnicom Group       New York
  3. Publicis Groupe          Paris
  4. Interpublic Group          New York
  5. Dentsu          Tokyo

We will continue to give peaceful protectors access to our Digital Network and make funding available to our members to shine a spotlight on Institutional & Systemic Racism in their Company, City or Country.  We will not allow another Board or Senior Executives to piss on People Of Color's Legs and then try to tell them Institutional & Systemic Racism does not exist in their company or on Madison Avenue!  This is where their argument falls apart, if you just look at P&G, Ford, AT&T, PepsiCo, The Coca-Cola Company, Johnson & Johnson, Apple, Comcast Corp., General Motors, Verizon Communications and Toyota Ad Budget over the last 10-year their own records, clearly shows that it does! P&G and Ford alone, spent more than $50 billion on Advertising within this time period.

Therefore, it's impossible for Mr. Mark Read, Mr. John Wren, Mr. Arthur Sadoun, Mr. Michael I. Roth or Mr. Hiroshi Igarashi to implement any type of real change!   Each of these men have been a part of the problem and have failed to address any of the concerns stated in the open letter 600 Black Executives Signed.  And What Mr. Marc S. Pritchard fails to understands that his company P&G, and  Ford, AT&T, PepsiCo, The Coca-Cola Company, Johnson & Johnson, Apple, Comcast Corp., General Motors, Verizon Communications and Toyota all had the power to work directly with Minority-owned Agencies but instead P&G and others used the Parent Company as Big Brother (The Knee On The Neck) and then allowed Big Brother to determine what Minority-owned Agencies got!

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If we just focus on the last 10 years; none of these companies has ever given a Minority-owned Agency their $2 billion to $5 billion Ad Account!  Let me put it this way when P&G or Ford Ad Account went into review how many Minority-owned Agencies got invited to their companies' pitch?  None!

Why are People of Color the only one that must fight to get a seat at the table and then have to fight to be heard?

The Open Letter that more than 600 Black Executives Signed let Advertisers Off the Hook!  Because the change that they are asking for can only be implemented when companies like P&G, Ford, AT&T, PepsiCo, The Coca-Cola Company, Johnson & Johnson, Apple, Comcast Corp., General Motors, Verizon Communications and Toyota demand it!  And why would they demand it; when the same systemic racism that is happening on Madison Avenue, is happening in their company's.  So, if we need to put companies that think they are untouchable out of business then so be it!" stated Mr. Vince Charles Allen Moulterie II, Founder of Moviegazoo & Moviegazoo Digital Network.

On December 21, 2020 Moviegazoo will partner with Mr. Moulterie II, and will post the Racism Ratings for more than 3,000 Companies Online.

Mrs. Teri Johnson

Source: Moviegazoo

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