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Movie Casting Agents, Directors, and Producers Are Looking At West Africa For Future Films

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DJR Media and Marketing Inc, Considering Nigeria and Other West African Countries As Locations For Ten Independent Films And Movies To Begin Production in Early 2025.

ATLANTA - EntSun -- In 2014, when DJ Roker visited Nigeria, West Africa, on a mission trip with his Church, he could have never imagined that nearly a decade later, he would be returning to the West African nation with the prospect of producing a series of independent films. As President and CEO of the Atlanta-based  consulting firm DJR Media and Marketing Inc, Roker has been in talks with independent filmmakers and production companies in the U.S. and U.K., who has agreed to collaborate with his company in an effort to invest in more family-friendly films and movies in Africa.

Nollywood, Nigeria's film industry, is the world's second-largest, behind India's Bollywood. However, despite its impressive size and reach, Nollywood face several challenges that limits its growth and impact. One of the biggest being the need for funding. Nigerian films are often made on shoestring budgets, which limits the production quality. Yet, in spite of these challenges, the films produced are very relatable to the average West African. Oftentimes, Nollywood films tackle social issues and problems facing the culture on a daily basis. And because they're so relatable and trendy, this popularity leads to social change. West African films are starting to have an impact on social norms and attitudes continent-wide. They're constantly challenging traditional values and beliefs and inspiring people to think differently about the world around them.

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With an estimated $6.4 billion in revenue and more than 2,500 movies made per year, Nigerian cinematography has seen a substantial improvement in recent years as a result of government support and modern cinemas being built throughout the African continent. Nollywood is currently one of the world's top film industries, producing more movies each year than America's Hollywood. What's more, is that Ghanian actors have also benefited from the successes of the Nigerian film industry. The increased collaboration between Nigeria and Ghana, its closest neighbor, has led to the resurgence of Ghana's film industry. However, many Ghanaian movies are also being distributed by Nigerian distributors due to Nigeria's large market, which has contributed to the popularity of many Ghanaian actors.

DJR Media and Marketing Inc, plans to invest in Africa's growing movie and film industry, by producing wholesome, family-oriented films, featuring primarily West African actors from Nigeria, Ghana, and neighboring countries. Within a decade, we endeavor to produce and distribute hundreds of quality films, beginning with our first 10 allotment in 2025, says DJ Roker, the company's CEO.

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DJ Roker (CEO)

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