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Modern times adaptation of Classical Strindberg's Play

SANTIAGO, Chile - Aug. 18, 2017 - EntSun -- EL PELICANO

English title: The Pelican

Narrative Feature Film Based on Classical Strindberg's Homonymous Play, set in Chile at the beginning of XXI Century.

In Santiago, Chile, recognized director Gustavo Letelier has announced his new feature amazing film, for production starting September 2017.

The film tells the timeless story of a greedy wife in a dysfunctional family, a suspense drama that portrays the life of a selfish woman who married for economic interest, without concern for the upbringing of their children and love for her husband.

Based on the compelling stage play "The Pelican", the film tells the story of Lucía, her husband Silverio, her children Antonio and Rebbeca, and the secret passionate affair of Lucía with her son-in-law Octavio, the greedy and unscrupulous husband of recently married Rebeca.

Gustavo Letelier is the key film director and head of Amerindia Films, a prestigious Chilean company with movies released internationally and committed to deliver quality films that give new meaning to classical themes.

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"I love making films that tell stories somehow present around us, in silence. Fiction that re-imagines reality. Films that portray life in a more meaningful way than what we see on the streets. And I love making films adapting plays with a contemporary vision".

         Gustavo Letelier, Writer/Director/Producer, CEO Amerindia Films

The film casts Silvia Novak, Diego Gougain, Paula Edwards and Mario Olivares in the leading roles. It is coproduced by Factoría Audiovisual, a very famous film content producer in Chile, traditionally making clips and documentaries, now starting the coproduction of feature narrative films.

For more information, photos or to arrange interviews, please contact director/producer Gustavo Letelier on (+56-2) 2638 3542 or via email at gustavo@amerindia-fc.org

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Amerindia Films, Gustavo Letelier, CEO

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