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Lord Neil Gibson Battles Fake News

Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson is winning the war against fake news through the distribution of accurate items regarding his business interests.

DUBAI, UAE - Sept. 12, 2017 - EntSun -- Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson has been continually battling "fake news" for almost three years, and is winning.  The concept of "fake news" has been made popular as of late by Donald Trump, who will generally use the phrase to describe articles about him posted in magazines or on television that are spun in order to look negative.  The process is nothing new in journalism, to take a truthful item and then present it in a way that makes a subject look bad.  This process is usually is used by outlets that have a specific agenda with regards to a public figure, and will use news items about these targets to present the facts in a way that are misunderstood by readers.  Combine this with the fact that most readers only view the headline and summary of an article and it is obvious how easy it is to mislead the public.

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Lord Gibson began having issues with fake news years ago after a slander campaign was aimed at him online.  The campaign was designed to weaken public trust in his business reputation, that reputation being critical to him being able to make connections for future deals and projects.  The attack played on the fact that a typical person doing research on a businessman will search for their name on a search engine, followed by scanning the information that is presented and making a decision to move forward based upon the general "tone" of the information.  If a lot of bad and negative information is presented, a potential partner may very well walk away.

The attack involved the creation of websites designed to distribute news about public figures like Gibson, and once a level of trust was established from search engines they began indexing the included stories on their results.  The attacker began a process of then creating false stories about Gibson designed to slander him, as there is no actual verification system online for truth.  Google indexed the stories for searches for "Lord Neil Gibson" and from that point he was forced to contend with false and negative information polluting his otherwise clear reputation.  For years this situation has been fought against, and only recently has Gibson begun to finally regain control of the information presented about him.

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Through a series of informational websites, Gibson is distributing truthful information regarding his projects in an attempt to present an accurate portrayal of himself.  Over time, search engines are dropping the faulty information in favor of the truth.  The battle against fake news is being won. http://www.lordneilbenjamingibson.com

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