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Lection - New Post Apocalyptic Political Thriller

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LOS ANGELES - EntSun -- Filmmaker, David Axe is making new political thriller set in post-apocalyptic times titled, "Lection".  Imagine a local election in a Mad Max-style universe.

Now, Imagine that YOU can help grease the political wheels and be part of this exciting movie event.   From the creators of  THE THETA GIRL (2017) and AZRAEL (2019) and SHED (2019).

Imagine running for mayor of your small town. Only the small town is an isolated village in a world gone to shit. Everything has broken down, and that includes the politics. When you run for office in our village, you literally run. And fight. And cheat, lie and steal. Anything to amass more supporters and more power

We've got a fearless, gorgeous and diverse cast. Sanethia Dresch plays "Dot," a ruthless and determined young woman taking aim at a corrupt mayor portrayed by Mike Amason. Supporting cast include Jennifer Hill, Cleve Langdale, Leana Guzman, Kate Kiddo, Leah Jones, Bradley J. Petit, Reno Gooch and many others.

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LECTION: Politics in the Post-Apocalypse (https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/lection-politics-in-the-post-apocalypse?fbclid=IwAR2xuYNqrHUHHYBNyTI-_Yk4LnPzNpaYp-mrUOvhmxDC2BC7qu0KehvXn_g#/)

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