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Laffs Comedy Café In Tucson Present Don Barnhart's Comedy Show "Sticks 'n Stones"

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Las Vegas based comedian takes time of from his residency to bring his hysterically funny comedy show "Sticks 'n Stones" to Laff's Comedy Cafe for a limited engagement.

TUCSON, Ariz. - EntSun -- From entertaining the troops around the world to starring in his own Las Vegas residency, comedian Don Barnhart goes from family friendly to risqué in a hysterically palatable way delighting audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

Barnhart delivers his comedy with a natural improvisational flair, shining light and taking on subjects from silly childhood antics to cancel culture is such a disarming matter you'll think he read your mind.

The comedian explained, "Politicians say horrific, racist things and when people get mad, they claim it was a joke but when a comedian makes a joke and someone doesn't like it, they protest and want that comedian's head on a stick.  We follow the sentiment of Netflix as we have a vast array of different styles of comedians and support their artistic freedoms so if you can't give them the benefit of the doubt when it comes to humor then maybe a comedy club isn't for you."

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Don Barnhart has something for everyone.  His Family Friendly Dry Bar Comedy Special, "The Obese Police" is appropriate for all ages while his new upcoming Amazon Prime, "Sticks 'N Stones" he takes it to the limit.

Barnhart added, "I try to use my gift of humor to shine light on subjects that might be too sensitive for the easily offended. It's not about being dirty, but about taking on subjects we need and should be talking about.  All are welcome but remember, this is a Comedy Show so leave your inhibitions at the door, stop taking life so seriously and let's enjoy some laughter at the absurdity of life."

Performing with Barnhart is international touring comedian Vikram Balaji and David Ryan.  Vikram has performed in six foreign countries and various comedy festivals. He brings a comedic style which involves finding humor in painful experiences but still very relatable to all kinds of audiences.  David, The Disaster Man" Ryan.  From dying twice and being in two comas, David has seen the light and it's onstage as he brings his unique perspective to the stage.  His new upcoming book, Disaster Dave will be available soon.

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For those of you easily offended, Don Barnhart does work clean and his new family friendly Dry Bar Comedy Special can be seen at:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YdMFDIM08nI&t=249s

Don Barnhart's shows run Fri & Sat, May 26th & 27th at Laff's Comedy Café.  Advance tickets are highly suggested and can be purchased at laffstucson.com (http://www.laffstucson.com/menu.html) or calling (520) 323-8669 (https://www.google.com/search?gs_ssp=eJzj4tZP1z...)

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