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KRIZZ – JEWELLERY MANUFACTURER Opens Its First Organized B2B Jewellery Showroom in Delhi

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~~~ ....Organized Showroom for Jewellers – Krizz B2B.... ~~~

DELHI, India - Oct. 8, 2015 - EntSun -- Krizz, a unit of Kanishk Gold Pvt. Ltd. has a hi-tech Jewellery Manufacturing Unit in Chennai and launched India's First organised B2B Jewellery Showroom for business in Delhi. Recently, Krizz opened their B2B Showrooms in Chennai and Ahmedabad.

Organized Showroom for Jewellers – Krizz B2B
Beating conventional trends of sales and for a direct contact with the customer (Jewellery Retailers), Krizz opens a world-class B2B Jewellery showroom where Jewellery Retailers can at their convenience, visit and check the Jewellery before placing the order.

Krizz is the First Jewellery Manufacturer in the organised sector with Flagship B2B Showrooms. Spread over 1200 sq.ft, the showroom is in #293, Katra Pyare Lal, Opp. Kucha Mahajani Chandni  Chowk, Delhi – 110006. Delhi Showroom will house over 125 kgs worth of Jewellery to choose from, adding over 4000 New Designs every month

"Our vision is to bring about a paradigm shift in the way Jewellery is manufactured and B2B sales are done in India and globally. Especially in India, the objective is to make it an organised industry with technology and innovation like any other industry. Krizz B2B is the largest B2B showroom with the largest collection for jewellers where the designs are updated and uploaded, and retailers can view them online and place a direct order," said Mr. Bhupesh Jain, CMD, Krizz

The first ever Krizz B2B showroom was inaugurated in Chennai on 16th of April 2015 and ever since, the showroom has been catering to over 700 to 900 retailers every month. To quote Mr. Rajesh of Joyalukkas Jewellers, says "Krizz B2B showroom is an excellent concept for Jewellery Retailers. Finally we are able to see, touch and then buy Jewellery the way our customers do. Comfort, great customer service and a large collection of designs is what makes the Krizz B2B store a unique experience. I would definitely recommend all Jewellers to visit the Krizz B2B showroom and experience this first hand."

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Business Plans
With an investment of 980 crores, the company plans to setup 53 B2B showrooms, 50 in India & one each in Dubai, Singapore & Malaysia in 2015-17. Last year, the company achieved a turnover of Rs 1700 crore. This year, they expect to grow to Rs. 3800 crore turnover and in 2016-17, Rs. 6000 crore.

Creating New Culture in Jewellery Industry

Krizz has created a niche in understanding and learning the Jewellery trends with a design team that specialises in Jewellery for North, South, East and West of India where the design team members visit various parts of the country to understand the culture, motifs, textiles, symbols, architecture etc of these markets and hence, designs that would suit each market is created. The market requirement is met with their huge collection and own design office that updates new designs according to the market trend.

Technology Automated Jewellery Manufacturing Facility
The Krizz manufacturing facility introduced a Casting unit; chain making unit specialising in light weight / hollow rope chains; tubing unit that creates over 180 varieties of tubes for chains, rings, necklaces and a stamping unit with imported machinery from Turkey.

Krizz has introduced high crafted technology casting with light weight Jewellery. With latest ultra modern technology and machinery imported from Italy, Turkey, USA, Germany and Japan, Krizz manufacturers the lightest Jewellery in the world, where a special alloy imported from Italy it helps convert the 24K Gold to 22K or 18K as required.  A strength test is done to ensure ability to withstand regular usage inspite of being light weight. Having employed over 900 people at the manufacturing facility, they currently handle over Rs.3000 crores worth of Jewellery every year.

Last year (2014-15), the unit manufactured 30 kgs per day which is Jewellery worth over Rs.3000 crores. This year, 60% of total capacity will be utilised and in 2016-17, 80% of the total capacity will be utilised.

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From Retail to Manufacturing
"Witnessing Jewellery being manufactured shocked me looking at the poor and unhygienic conditions at which they were made. It was contradictory to see an end product of such high value made at poor conditions and made me realise it would only be worse in India and hence worked towards implementing my vision," said Mr. Bhupesh Jain, CMD, Krizz

Observing the ever increasing demand for Gold, gaps and market behaviour in the Gold Jewellery segment over the years, Kanishk Gold diversified from Retail outlet and stepped into Jewellery manufacturing. Last year alone, the Indian consumer demand for Gold Jewellery and investment totalled 842.7 tonnes last year and India's Gold Jewellery demand rose 8% to an all-time high of 662 tonnes in 2014. With this growing demand, over the years, there has been an increased craving in the market for unique Jewellery designs and hence the thought of setting up a manufacturing facility to produce our own designs where maximum customer demand could be satisfied.

Jewellery manufacturing has been in the unorganised sector and even in other countries where facilities are better, the process of manufacturing Jewellery has been in unhygienic and poor working conditions. Keeping this in mind, Mr. Bhupesh Jain, CMD, Krizz visioned to bring Jewellery manufacturing into the organised sector, where the working conditions would be good, safe and at par with global standards in addition to maintaining consistency in quality of produced products.

With a team of about 25 people, a production facility was started with focus on R&D for creating the alloy, design, polishing etc and in 2010, Krizz began its first Jewellery manufacturing unit in a five acre land at Kanchipuram.

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Source: Krizz, a unit of Kanishk Gold Pvt. Ltd
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