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JCFilms Hollywood & Patricia Miller to jointly produce original theatrical film

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JCFilms Hollywood, JCFilms Studios and Abba Pictures annonces they will release original theatrical film starring Vanessa Angel, Robert Rey and Patricia Miller

LOS ANGELES - EntSun -- Patricia Miller's "Simon Says" Sparks Excitement in Indie Film Circle
Patricia Miller's latest project, "Simon Says," a suspense thriller set in Hollywood, draws attention in the independent film industry for its distinctive storytelling and innovative production.

Set against Hollywood's glamorous yet challenging landscape, the movie, directed by Michael J. Prieto, written by Jason Campbell, and produced by Steve Prieto, explores the story of a traumatized aspiring actor aiming for stardom. It addresses themes of ambition and hardships within the entertainment industry.

The feature film will be submitted to prestigious festivals, marking a potential milestone in Miller's multifaceted career as a Screen Actors Guild (SAG) actress, creative director, and production designer.

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She commented, "'Simon Says' presents a narrative centered around redemption. Our approach pushes the boundaries of progressive storytelling in independent cinema."

Post-pandemic, alternative cinema has seen a notable shift in focus, with a rise in streaming services and a gradual box office recovery. "Simon Says" mirrors this transitional phase in filmmaking. Moreover, its selection for film festivals indicates its quality and potential impact on the industry.

"Simon Says" employs production and storyline techniques that reflect Miller's dedication to advancing the independent film genre. Collaborations with JCFilms Hollywood, Abba Pictures, and JCFilms Studios highlight the collective effort and growing opportunities within the indie film community.

Miller stated, "Our goal was to create a captivating film that inspires new perspectives in indie filmmaking. The positive reception it has garnered is an encouraging start to our journey."

To learn more about "Simon Says," visit the official Facebook page at https://facebook.com/simonsaysthemovie (http://facebook.com/simonsaysthemovie).

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About Patricia Miller, "Simon Says"

Patricia Miller is an actress, creative director, and production designer recognized for her versatility and contributions to the film industry. Her latest endeavor, "Simon Says," showcases her commitment to pushing the boundaries of the independent film sector.

Contact Information:

Spokesperson: Patricia Miller, Co-Producer
Website: http://facebook.com/simonsaysthemovie, https://www.patriciaprata.com/, https://www.abbapictures.com/

Agent: Michelle Thompson

Company/Organization: BMG Talents

Patricia Miller (323) 646-7731

Source: JCFilms Hollywood
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