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Jay Z Diddy or Drake never accomplished what rapper Kushie Jackson accomplished

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Kushie Jackson's song Pressure was released to a billion people in China, none of the previously mentioned rappers achieved that. Kushie Jackson an underground rap legend has cross-crossed all coasts, he has stepped out of the shadows into the light.

LAS VEGAS - EntSun -- Kushie Jackson cuts songs like he cuts hair, with master precision, he is truly an American success story. He has been in the rap game for over a decade, creating his own style of rap and influencing fans all across America. It is truly difficult for me to comprehend that Racine WI, of all places, would be hiding such a gifted rapper. If you had to put a label on his style of rap. It would be classified as reality rap, this is a new classification inspired by Kushie Jackson. You heard it here first folk new category Reality Rap

What hits you about Kushie's songs is his wordplay, its relentless, he will hit you with bars on top of bars on top of bars. If you are a student of rap you will be thoroughly pleased after listening to his lyrics. If you are slow, you won't catch his bars, you will be hitting the playback or replay button trying to decipher his dope metaphors. Then you'll go "Oh shit! did he just say that?  I literally played his song "Pressure" to a white record executive and after he played it back a few times he was "Oh Shit! this guy is good, lol. Kushie's raps depict what actually happens in his life. His songs reflect his life as a businessman, family man, and hustler. Hustler, as it relates to Kushie, means an enterprising person determined to succeed. Kushie can make millions with multiple verticals, it doesn't matter what city you stick him in, whether New York, Philly, or Las Vegas. He will always come out on top, he has too many weapons. If it's the rap game he has it on lock, he is a chameleon, he will create a successful thriving business regardless of the atmosphere. Kushie has too many tools in his arsenal, he is truly unstoppable. So today we commend Kushie Jackson for accomplishing something neither Jay Z, Drake, or any of the biggest rappers in the world has ever done. None of them have ever had their single released to ONE BILLION PEOPLE in China. WOW! this is huge!, we will be following Kushie Jackson as he continues to open doors for more rappers in America with his accomplishments.

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Now all of you can witness history along with us, here are a couple links to his release in China. He is one of the few rappers to have access to this platform, for more information to see if your songs can make it like Kushie Jackson's did email us. In the meantime click on the links to witness his history.



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