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James C. Barfield Brings Squeegee Squad to Wichita

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James C. Barfield is proud of bringing Squeegee Squad to Wichita. Barfield is an entrepreneur and leader who has various ideas and always cares about what is needed by the community, especially the citizens of Wichita. One form of business that is owned by James C. Barfield today is Squeegee Squad. Squeegee Squad is the second company owned by Barfield besides B&W Building Maintenance, Inc. Squeegee Squad is offering high-rise window cleaning in Wichita, KS. As the only high-rise window cleaning company, Squeegee Squad understands the necessity needed by the community regarding window treatments in office buildings and other high-rise buildings.

Moreover, Squeegee Squad always provides excellent windows cleaning services for its clients and other services, such as waterproofing, pressure washing, and soft washing. The company is offering a complete package as a comprehensive office windows treatment. The CEO, James C. Barfield, is the person who is responsive and creative thinking, he always tries to understand what is needed by the industry and society. The opening of the Squeegee Squad is expected to be able to provide the high-rise window maintenance.

As quoted from James C. Barfield, a Six Sigma certified, when opening the Squeegee Squad, "Focus on the only high-rise window cleaning company in Wichita, KS."

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The opening of the Squeegee Squad also aims to help the windows of the building stay clean and well maintained. Cleaning the building windows will give the impression of a more manicured building. Squeegee Squad has a team that can work well and with quality work that can be trusted. The services of Squeegee Squad are not limited to high-rise companies but also residential houses, government agencies, and much more.

James C. Barfield has worked at several major companies in Wichita such as Mercedes-Benz of Wichita, Kansas African American Museum, Stratus Building Solutions, and Flatland Studios. The experience gained by James C. Barfield has led him to his current role as a leader and owner of two successful building managements and cleaning services. Developing a business is not an easy thing to do. Barfield has determined to be able to set up a business that not only helps the community needs but also opens up job opportunities for others.

The high-rise window cleaning service inWichita has received many positive responses from the community, and many clients were satisfied with Squeegee Squad's services. The trust given by the community is certainly the result of the hard work done by Barfield by always improving the quality of service and always innovating. As the owner of the Squeegee Squad, Barfield also helps his employees to do a number of jobs. Of course, this is different from the most franchise business owners.

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Seeing the development of work is not only from the company's statistics but also directly from the field. This is also what Barfield has done. Doing work in the sites makes Barfield know exactly the development of his business from the start so that Barfield can find out some of the shortcomings in his business so that he can repairs quickly.

About Squeegee Squad

Squeegee Squad, is a high-rise window cleaning company owned by James C. Barfield. Barfield graduated from Cowley County Community College. His education in business and marketing has led him to become a reliable entrepreneur in the Wichita area. He strives to improve its service for the customers' satisfaction. The only high-rise window cleaning company in Wichita kept Barfield motivated to increase its business and gain more trust from the community. Barfield is always providing exceptional service in managing his business. James C. Barfield came from an entrepreneur family. His mother is a clothing store owner. He got his work ethic when he started working in his mother's clothing store.  His family is well known in the Wichita area for their businesses and contributions in the community. For more information, please visit https://www.squeegeesquadks.com/.

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