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Ismael Perez, author and Galactic Ambassador, interviewed on the Spiritually Inspired podcast

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TORONTO - EntSun -- Ismael stands as a celebrated figure in the captivating realms of cosmic exploration, alien phenomena, artificial intelligence, and historical analysis.

At the core of Ismael's expertise lies his bestselling book, "Our Cosmic Origin," where Ismael unveils the mysteries of our shared cosmic heritage, igniting a newfound wonder and appreciation for the vast expanse of the universe.

Ismael discovered his ancient mystical powers as a young immigrant child when he began to use telekinesis. When young, he fully embraced his role as a cosmic ambassador, Ismael went through a dark night of the soul that led him to discover his true life purpose as a Divine Starseed from the Lyra Constellation.

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Ismael has an ability to make complex concepts accessible and engaging regarding the mysteries of the cosmos and our shared galactic history.

He teaches classes such as Starseed Cosmology, Starseed Astrology, and Myth and Theology.


The interview goes live on Sunday, Sept 10 @10:00AM EST.

Claudiu Murgan is the founder of the 'Spiritually Inspired' podcast and the author of three books on water and increased consciousness.

Recently, Spiritually Inspired podcast joined the Conscious Awakening Network.

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