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Is Artificial Intelligence Art Generators Killing or Creating Artists?

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Wag the dog has long been a phrase widely used in the political area. However, I find it befitting to ask about it in this scenario. What say you...Is A.I. killing artists who have been gifted with talent? Or, are they making artists out of anyone who can string together the right (or WRITE, I knew there was a pun in here somewhere) commands?

LOS ANGELES - EntSun -- There has been much ado about AI (Artificial Intelligence) created art. I must admit, before this year, I was part of the movement frowning down from my self-appointed perch. Frankly, I didn't understand it. But, more than that, I relegated the notion of artificially-generated art to a passing trend or a fad. Well, that was until I was introduced to Midjourney by a Facebook friend. Upon my initial effort, I became turned off because it was somewhat challenging to get started.

However, once I got past the confusing formalities, I began to get sucked into the void that is Midjourney. Time does not exist in this universe. Before I knew it, eight hours had passed in what seemed like 8 minutes. I am convinced that every image I produced released endorphins that fed me and kept me hydrated. As if under some magical spell, I continued to put in keyword after keyword. In turn, the program released images in groups of four for my viewing pleasure. Some were bizarre and disturbing, while others were just downright glorious and surreal! Although, I still feel like a novice, having the ability to watch others in the program is a tremendous help.

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I've learned commands that have opened up my artistic opportunities to boundless images. So much so that I decided to create a tabletop book from my A.I. haul. I have aptly titled it "IMAGINATION, My Dreams Painted with A.I." The title will be carried at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online platforms, as well as directly from my publisher, Stravard Lux Publishing & Distribution Co. With that said, I am aware of the disapproval of AI-produced images from members of the artistic community. I feel that there is room for all manners of creation. However, I believe there is a soul in God-given talent that will not be replaced. I don't know what the future holds for this medium, but I hope there can be a compromise in both communities.

Person Interviewed - Yvette Kendall
IMAGINATION, My Dream Painted with A.I. written by Yvette Kendall
Kendall is a SciFi and Horror writer and Screenwriter based in Atlanta, Georgia

Stravard Lux Publishing & Distribution Co.
Website: http://www.stravardlux.com

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Source: Stravard Lux Publishing & Distribution Co.
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