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Humanize My Hoodie. It's A Movement. It's A Culture!

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IOWA CITY, Iowa - EntSun -- Serial entrepreneur André Wright and Professor Jason Sole are making a statementone that has sparked global change.

Longtime friends André (owner of Born Leaders United) and Jason joined forces and turned their heartfelt social media messages into a loud, impactful message surrounding undervalued Black lives in the United States. Both residing in the middle of the map, Wright and Sole live in two of the most dangerous states for Black people...in Iowa and Minnesota, respectively (USA Today, 2018). Fueled by disdain of the repetitive black murder headlines and public social injustices coupled with the desire to change the narrative of Black men in the country, they took a leap of faith together to send a resounding message that they would not stand by silently.

"If I was killed (via violence or police brutality), I'd want my story to be told. I'd want to be humanized in a real wayas a father and a professor and to show the picture of my amazing Black family."—Jason Sole

Making Moves Together

Spawning from a Facebook post on Jason's page in honor of slain teenager Trayvon Martin, Humanize My Hoodie is a fashion activism movement that demands the complete halt of the stigma associated with men of color wearing certain types of clothingnamely hoodies. As a tribute to Martin, Sole (a college professor) vowed to wear a hoodie to class every day of the semester to force people to view the hoodie in direct contrast to what the mass media was portraying as a threat.

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The mission is rooted in the simple philosophy that the hoodie is a garment, but underneath is a HUMAN BEINGwhose life should not be judged based on the color of their skin, societal perspectives or the clothing they choose to wear. There is valuable life inside of these hoodies, and these gentlemen have vowed to change the lens through which people view the hoodie, Black men and people of color as a whole.

A subsidiary of the Born Leaders United corporation, Humanize My Hoodie boasts an exclusive line of apparel centered around hoodies with the demand for equality, non-violence, anti police brutality and unfair judgment front and center. Starting at $25, the merchandise includes a variety of light and heavyweight hoodies with empowering imagery and wall artwork with an inspirational flair.

"The Humanize My Hoodie Movement has given everyone a chance to have a conversation about a very important issue in the world and its around race and threat perception when it comes to Black men. By wearing a hoodie or by attending our art exhibitions and workshops, it forces a conversation that can change the hearts and minds of the masses."—André Wright

Nearly 2 years on the path, 2019 has been a radical year of expansion, multiple art exhibitions and elevated brand awareness. Aligning with like-minded organizations, Humanize My Hoodie supports and stands in solidarity with Movement 4 Black Lives, whose mission statement is: Vision for Black Lives; policy demands for Black Power, freedom & justice.

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Sole and Wright are leading the charge to bring attention to the staggering murder, incarceration and violence statistics plaguing predominately Black communities. Innovative with brand messaging, the HMH executives have identified that thoughtful fashion and social responsibility can coexist.

Taking the brand's educational component to the next level, HMH raises the protest standard by offering an ally ambassador training. Encompassing 10 volumes, the training is intended to educate thought leaders across the countryand send a rippling call to civil action through communities domestically and internationally. To date, the brand has premiered at New York Fashion Week and dozens of fashion shows; has been featured on CBS, Iowa Public Radio, the Minnesota Post, ThisIs50.com, local schools events and more; and has been endorsed by celebrities including: Common, J. Cole, DJ Thoro and DJ Boy Wonda.

Today, (June 22) the brand launches their namesake podcast at 9AM CST on the HMH official website. The debut episode, A Real Conversation With the Co-Founders give listeners an in-depth look into the HMH creative process, inspiration, best practices and keeping brand momentum. Hosted by Andre, future episodes will cover race related topics, current events and information on upcoming Humanize My Hoodie initiatives.

Activism + Fashion + Education … Join The Movement!

For more information, events and to listen to the podcast, visit: https://www.humanizemyhoodie.com

Follow on Instagram at: @HumanizeMyHoodie

For interview/media inquiries, contact: cwright@synergyprservices.com

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