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How Studying Your Face Shape Helps You Avoid Bad Earrings Buy

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Most girls have a strong impulsiveness to shop for earrings. However, it often happens that you get enticed by the glittering earrings that the shops exhibit, grab them because they are available for a great deal, and later, they lead an uninterrupted shelter inside your jewelry box. The reason is simple; most of the earrings that we shop for end up as terrible buys. They 'mysteriously' do not look that good on as they supposed to be. The reason behind it is that very few of us have the tips to buy the 'right' ones up our sleeves. To avoid fashion faux pas and bad buys, you might want to get some help to choose earrings that go with your facial features.

Having a Chubby, Roundish Face?

When you have a circular face and full cheeks, danglers help your face appear elongated. A long pearl drop or Kundan earrings can go perfectly with your party wear. Chunky, circular earrings are, however, a big NO for your jewelry box. They would simply add to the chubbiness of your face. Also, no matter how cute they look, avoid studs and hoops, as well. Finally, try not to invest in the very trendy drop earrings with round disks dangling from them.

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Those Having Narrow, Elongated Face

Have long, thin and chiseled face? Round stud earrings, as well as short danglers and medium-to-large sized hoops also add a fuller appearance to your face. Heavily accented earrings highlight the width of your face. Roundish studs, as well as medium and large sized hoops, make you look pretty. Smart clustered earrings are a way to go.  To make the long story short, look for round shaped earrings that add a dimension to your face.

Earrings For Girls with Square Face

The idea is to add as much femininity to your looks as possible. You have to camouflage those flat chin and elongated jawline. Try to avoid anything that comes squarish in shape. Instead, you can opt for circular and oval earrings. Drops and hoops can also help you to balance your highly angular face.

When Your Face Resembles the Heart

Pointed chin, elongated jawline, and broad forehead are all attributed to those having a heart-shaped face. Whoever created classy chandeliers for the first time might have a heart-faced beauty in mind. However, slim earrings might highlight your chins even more. So this is something that you might want to avoid. Ear drops and danglers? Yes, please! But make sure that your danglers are somewhat circular in the bottom.

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For Faces That Glitter Like Diamond

Do you have cheekbones that are higher than your jawline and chin? Then you are a diamond faced beauty. Almost all types of ear studs look good on you. And if you want to pick some girly, long ones, then try choosing something which is not too long. Pieces that stop above the chin adds to the natural beauty.stats
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