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Harleen Makeup: Makeup for Mental Health

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The first cosplayer created makeup line that supports mental health.

NEW YORK - EntSun -- Why: Kickstarter campaign for the first ever makeup brand created by a cosplayer that supports mental health awareness.

What: Pre-Purchase a vegan and cruelty free lipstick and eyeshadow pallet, exclusive t shirt, makeup brush and bag, or VIP box from Harleen Makeup.

When: November 1st- December 31st, 2021

NEW YORK- Harleen Makeup stands for anyone who has ever been judged, who has ever been an outcast, a misfit, an artist, a cosplayer, or who has ever used makeup is an art to cope with mental health.

My name is Harleen, and I am a survivor. A survivor of an eating disorder that almost took my life, a survivor of being physically and mentally abused in a relationship, a survivor of the mismatched wires in my brain that have caused me to struggle with anxiety, depression, a panic disorder, PTSD, body dysmorphia, and ADHD.

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I've been submerged into darkness with no depth that has broken every part of me, but I found my way out with marble and gold gluing back together the broken pieces of me and making me so strong that I can endure and deflect anything that life barrels at me down two thick steel railroad tracks.

My name is Harleen and I'm an entrepreneur, the owner of my own business Sweetheart Harley Inc., a 4.0 student, a cosplayer, a seamstress, and an advocate for the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Mental Health Associations, and the National Eating Disorder Association.

I have been an outcast for all my life, judged and bullied for the way I look and the things I've struggled with. Makeup isn't a band-aid, it's not a tool to be a different person or cover up your struggles of the past. Makeup is art, it's self-expression and most of all it's a creative outlet for anyone struggling with mental health issues.

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That's why I'm starting Harleen Makeup. It is not only a cosmetics brand for cosplayers created by a cosplayer, but a line of makeup that will donate 10% of all proceeds to mental health organizations, an artistic outlet for anyone struggling with mental health, because I know what it's like to feel alone in a dark place with no safe space. Harleen Makeup will be that safe space for the hundreds of thousands of people who struggle daily with mental illness.

Harleen Makeup is all of us and the only cosplayer created makeup line, so no matter what you have been through I hope you decide to go on this wild ride with me.

For more information, please go to: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sweetheartharley/everyday-cosplay-makeup-created-by-cosplayers

Harleen Dimopoulos

Source: Sweetheart Harley Inc
Filed Under: Beauty

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