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Good Grief! Let's Just Say Mourning Has a Type

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Romance-suspense author, The Blakk Dahlia, announces release date for upcoming book, Replacement, from the series the Heartbreak Diaries.

NEW YORK - EntSun -- Romance readers will get a dose of grief with the fifth installment from the Heartbreak Diaries Series. The upcoming book, Replacement, will tap into The Grieving Heart. Learn how a free-spirited woman navigates through heartbreak from a loss. On November 30, 2021, The Blakk Dahlia, will share the latest release continuing the gripping series from the heart's perspective.

The book's focus is around a young couple, deeply in love. On their way to plan their lives together, until the romance is quickly taken away. The main character, Natalie, relies on the love of her life for balance. However, once it's gone, she has to find a way to move on without the only true love she's ever known. In one way, some may say she saw it coming through dream-filled premonitions. But we all know signs are often ignored while looking through rose-colored glasses.

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Natalie does the best she can to move on, however, in her own method of coping she searches for what she lost. This search involves following the exact mold from the old love life. Will it work out to her advantage?

"It was hard to complete this book as I wanted to be sensitive to those who were currently dealing with loss and the attempts to pick up the pieces," says author, The Blakk Dahlia, "However, in moving on in life, it's important to tell the stories that are often judged, lost, and even unspoken. Moving on from a loss can be a hard thing and there's no roadmap. We all just do the best we can."

Grief hits in many ways. Some are in phases while in other cases, there are doses of various emotions. This book will explore a unique way of coping with losing love.

About Replacement (The Grieving Heart)
We All Mourn Differently…

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Natalie and Adam have genuine love. Dealing with the scrutiny of an interracial relationship, her parents not approving of her career choice, and normal relationship troubles; they survived it all. Until life hits them hard, sending Adam away and Natalie is forced to move on with her life.

As she grieves the romance lost, her coping method is to forget it ever happened. But deep down, she throws herself into searching for a man to take his place. Recreating the scenario of how they met with different men didn't pan out the way she'd hoped.

Will her heart EVER recover?

"Replacement" will be available in paperback and eBook formats on November 30, 2021.  Visit http://www.TheBlakkDahlia.com for more info.

E. Alexcina Brown
The Blakk Dahlia

Source: The Blakk Dahlia
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