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Global Professional Health News website FreeHealthPressRelease.com Trial Launch Follow Up

FreeHealthPressRelease.com get its New Function: News Forum and News distribution partner, which let it become the world No.1 health News Distribution Platform

TORONTO - May 11, 2017 - EntSun -- SkyBlue Cross Corp., who specialize in Complementary and Integrated Medicine free Service Platform,  is Proud to announce the Trial  Launch of their new company Website: www.FreeHealtPrwessRelease.com. For Health Professional, The New website will delivery clean, safety, easy and Extremely easy to navigate in order to find the important, useful information  as to how is  Complementary and Integrated Medicine Developing ; For Patient, the website  will help them to find out the available,  effective, safety, Double-checked  Complementary and Integrated Medicine solution needed.

A trial launch period started on May 1, 2017 and will run for six weeks, with feedback invited. None of the current planning practice guidance will be cancelled until the final online guidance is in place later in the autumn.
Currently, The Website admin team add Press Release forum function to freehealthrelease .com, and enable health industry Marketers can discuss how to do health Industry content marketing, Health Products Press Release. Also,  24-7 Press Release Newswire is applied  as freeheealthpressrelease .com News Distribution partner

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For more detail information, please refer: http://www.freehealthpressrelease.com/index.php/compon...
Director John M. Ke,   SkyBlue Cross Corp. Said:" It is important for global Complementary and Integrated Medicine industry to have a Press Release Platform, which is run and supervised by qualified professionals.      The Press Release Platform will follow CDC.GOV and NIH.COM related Health Industry Standard and Rules; Also will consider Europe and Canada Related Regulations and Rules.

         About SkyBlue Cross Corp.: Sky BLUE Cross is a Complementary and Integrated Medicine consulting company based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Founded in 2006. SkyBlue Cross considers  Complementary and Integrated medicine as kind of Great Pyramids of medicine and health,  and many human being treasures of medicine  have been discovered and served  people in the world.

SkyBlue Cross Corp.

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