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Girlfight Magazine Explodes on the Scene with 9 Issues

The magazine empowers and inspires women through the inspirational stories and visual poetry of other women.

NEW YORK - Oct. 10, 2017 - EntSun -- Girlfight Magazine, LLC today announced the release of nine issues of its magazine months in advance of its release. The magazine features stories and photos from other women with a purpose to inspire and empower other women to overcome many of life's obstacles, from poverty and homelessness to even abuse in the modeling industry.

The Ohio-based magazine said, "Girlfight Magazine allows fans to have the kind of female empowerment that Girlfight media and films do not provide - an insightful and supportive form of female empowerment rather than the aggressive form represented in the media."

Two Editions

The magazine is currently broken down into two editions: Empowerment and Exclusive, a subset of the Empowerment series but with a focus on a specific model, photographer, company, event, etc. The Media series is listed only to inform fans it is not connected to or published by Girlfight Magazine and just merely shares the same name.

Features Top Talent from Around the World

Nine issues were released ahead of schedule to ensure models and photographers had a new calling and a new medium for which they can relate due to the overwhelming number of submissions during its six-month submission process. It also allows the guy who runs the magazine ample time to run other projects, all for which he serves as the sole executive. His commitment to the many forms and types of female empowerment has earned him the nickname, "King of Female Empowerment," and he has become a trusted publisher among top models and photographers from around the world. Top models and photographers listed so far include a variety of styles from the likes of Florida's own Don Cross, Lilith Ann, and Xhyvette "Sushii" Holder, whose latest work can be seen in the film, Death-Scort Service, Pt. 2: The Naked Dead; Ohio's own cosplayer Odfel and high-concept fashion and couture model Luna Eclipse Modeling and high-end apparel and accessory lines such as Cultist Crafts and Horst Couture; the United Kingdom's Nana Nanoush; and Arizona's Cheshire Visions – all whom can be found on Facebook and Instagram. Other upcoming photographers include Al Fess, Kevin Vaughn, Rick Cutrer, James Gray, From The Rooftops, Yosua Steven, Erick Lazo, Brian Johnson, and Cypres' Berkan Felek.

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"I know the magazine looks bare from international representation, but trust me, I haven't started on those submissions. Almost everyone published were selected from submissions given to me during the months of March, April, and May, so newer submissions and stories haven't made their way in yet."

Overwhelmed with Submissions

The magazine, which proudly boasts "Empowering Women… to Fight Like a Girl" was originally meant to be a one-time deal, a "special edition" to the Media series to show fans the many differences among female empowerment. But the overwhelmingly amount of submissions the publisher received demonstrated a great need for this kind of content.

"Like everything else I do, I accidently do it so well it becomes its own animal. Now its nine issues, about six were expected to be released next year and now they're all out. This led me to start a not-for-profit company under its name."

But in order to make itself available for print, aside from the Exclusive issues, the Empowerment series needs paid advertisers. Advertisers will get a full page in the magazine and will allow the Empowerment series to be made available in print format.

The magazine can be read for free online from http://www.girlfightmagazine.com and is also available on Facebook and Instagram @girlfightmagazine .

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Source: Girlfight Magazine, LLC

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