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Gameplex.gg - A New Home to the Latest eSports News

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HONG KONG - EntSun -- GamePlex Group has launched an eSports news website to help fans, investors, and the wider engaged community follow significant industry news, stay on top of the schedules and scores, and gain unique insights from top eSports experts through weekly video reviews.

GamePlex Overview

The world of video games and eSports is so fast-paced that users need a comprehensible dashboard to be able to track their favorite games, tournaments, and teams. GamePlex provides such an opportunity, which makes it an ultimate go-to resource for eSports new.

On the website, users have quick access to:

  • upcoming and current matches: a comprehensible dashboard gives a clear overview of the date and time of the upcoming battle, the competing teams, the competition, and the instance;
  • game results: the latest results are displayed along with the key match details such as the date, the competing teams, the competition, the instance, and the replay;
  • tournaments:  for each of the featured games, users can see the list of tournaments, their prize pools, and winners;
  • teams overview: GamePlex offers a comprehensive list of teams and a detailed overview of each team's performance including the team roster, the review of the team's performance during the last match, an overview of the latest results, the overall matches history, upcoming events for the team, and all-time statistics on its wins, kills, deaths, and assists;
  • eSports news: a team of qualified eSports observers delivers focused insights on tournaments, teams, and individual players. The most noticeable and interesting news of the eSports world are shared in weekly video digests on the official GamePlex Group YouTube channel and in the month reviews.

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According to Newzoo, 71% of eSport fans follow only one game. In response to this trend, GamePlex is designed in a way that allows users to focus on one game at a time, not getting distracted by the details of other games.

As for now, GamePlex website covers Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), Dota 2, and the League of Legends tournaments and teams. The games are enduringly popular, have the most eSport hours watched on Twitch, and are recognized as top eSport games awarding prize money:

CS:GO has enjoyed top positions in eSports ever since the game release in 2013 and is associated with a wealth of events every year. The biggest event in 2019, the IEM major, attracted more than 1.2 million viewers. The total prize money awarded for CS:GO is $91 million.

Dota 2 has recently ceded its top position on Steam to CS:GO, but its prize pool is something no other eSport game can beat. Over the years, the prize pool of the International, Dota 2 annual event, accounted for more than $200 million.

League of Legends is in eSports for 11 years already and dominates the industry as one of the two leading Massive Online Battle Arenas (MOBAs). The total prize money awarded across thousands of events is $73,5 million.

Future plans include adding other popular eSport games such as PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, Overwatch and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

The Impressive Growth of the eSports Industry

The esports industry is developing at an incredibly rapid pace. Business Insider Intelligence predicts that the global eSports viewership will increase to 646 million in 2023, which is a double growth compared to 2017.

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The increasing popularity and awareness of the potential of the eSports industry attracted significant investments making the industry reach a remarkable average revenue growth of more than 30% annually. According to the latest projections, the revenue of eSports will surpass one billion dollars in 2020. Most of the revenue (69%) comes from sponsorship and advertising, further contribution coming from selling media rights, tickets to live events, and in-game purchases.

A new eSports media platform GamePlex aims to address the needs of the growing number of investors and viewership population.

GamePlex: User Reception

Industry insiders and fans have already complemented GamePlex for real-time updates on the game results, quality analysis of the eSports trends and news, and excellent user experience with the website. Due to the use of the latest technology and best practices of web development, the new eSports platform is very fast and fully optimized for mobile.

With Gameplex, fans no longer have to worry about missing the latest news or visit multiple websites to check tournament dates and results.

About GamePlex Group

GamePlex Group is headquartered in Hong Kong (HKSAR) and unites a group of companies engaged in investment in eSports, IT, and software development. With the charter capital of 2,95 million dollars, the GamePlex Group has established itself as a serious player on the global market.

The GamePlex Group provides the first worldwide platform where private investors can get steady financial development and maximize the value of their investment and affiliate profit. This is due to a unique operating principle where individual investments are managed by a team of specialists with more than 20 years of experience. Together, they provide the possibility for eSports investors to get their share in the revenue of the multi billion dollar industry.

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