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Feelex Single Bed Mattresses Have Become a Popular Choice for Indian Homes in Recent Times

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Single beds are a rage now. More and more modern Indian families are opting for single beddings for a variety of purposes. There was a time when single beds were used only for sleeping. But with changing ways of life, single beds are not being limited to bedrooms only. Rather it has become a part of home d├ęcor and also an important piece of furniture that is kept in all rooms.

With the increasing popularity of single bed frames, leading single bed mattress brand in India, like Feelex has ventured this niche category by offering a wide range of single bed mattress that derives different levels of firmness from quality raw materials and springs. Being the largest single bed mattress brand in India, Feelex never ceases to gift a pleasant experience every time you rest on it.

The touch and feel of Feelex single bed mattresses give them a cut above the rest. The special feature of this Feelex product is that it provides relief to body muscles and evenly distributes the body weight whenever a person lays down to rest. Even if the mattress is used for sitting and resting, which is a commonplace activity in case the bed is placed in the living room, family room or any other part of the house other than the bedroom, its highly compressible layers of rubberized coir and PU foam never fails to provide optimum comfort and relaxation. Thus after an exhausting day, a mattress from Feelex, the best single mattress brand in India can give you the comfort you deserve.

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Feelex, the best single mattress brand in India is known for its hygienic and healing properties. Irrespective of the place where your single bed mattress is placed, you can be assured that your resting period on the mattress is not made uneasy by bedbugs and microbial. Feelex single bed mattresses are widely used for student accommodation. They are also the first choice for children's bed as quality sleep is extremely necessary for children's health since they are in the formative years of their life, growing mentally and physically.

On the whole Feelex, the best single bed mattress brand in India has revolutionized the world of small beddings. For a perfectly cosy and comfortable bed at the corner of your room, opt for Feelex. For embellishments, one can also pick comforters, bed sheets and pillows from the huge product range of Feelex. Apart from sleeping, for many people, the single bed is the place for resting, eating, lazing, crafting and doing hundreds of miscellaneous activities and with Feelex, life becomes an expression of those.

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For more information, please visit: http://www.feelex.in/orthopedic-mattress.html

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Address: 5th Floor, 4, Fairley Place, BBD Bagh, Kolkata, West Bengal 700023

Feelex Mattress Helpline: +91 98301 90909

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Website: www.feelex.in
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