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Fashion start up Amor & Rosas to be supported by Endeavor

Fashion made fairly. Social impact has never looked so good.

SEATTLE - March 21, 2017 - EntSun -- Amor & Rosas is honored to be a selected start-up by Endeavor, the global leader in high-impact entrepreneurship, to work with industry-leaders to expand their product line and become a catalyst for change in the fashion industry. Endeavor rigorously selects only start-ups that "have the potential to transform industries, communities and countries" and Amor & Rosas is determined to set the standard for fair practices in fashion and change the way fashion is sourced and created.

Amor & Rosas was founded in 2016 by two passionate social entrepreneurs, Debra Broberg and Laura Melendrez. Broberg and Melendrez met at Yale School of Management where they learned they share the same passions: women's issues and social impact. Amor & Rosas was formed based on their shared belief that fashion can transform the lives of not just those who wear it, but the people who make it. Prior to working with Endeavor, Amor & Rosas won a prestigious Yale Entrepreneurial Institute Fellowship in 2016.

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"I started Amor & Rosas because I recognize the talent and capability of women in my country, who are full of unleashed potential," says Laura Melendrez. Melendrez's business partner and Amor & Rosas' co-founder, Debra Broberg adds "the fashion industry is in a crisis, and there is an opportunity for us to make fashion fair again and put a face to the people behind our clothes. It's exciting to see consumers become more conscious and make more responsible choices when they shop."

With the support of Endeavor, Amor & Rosas is also pleased to announce expanding partnerships with artisans to release more pieces to their Joya jewelry collection, including cuff bracelets and rings. Each piece is hand crafted by Latin American artisans who carefully select one-of-a-kind stones to create exquisite jewelry that can be worn from desk-to-dinner. With their mandate in mind, each piece is crafted using natural sources and sustainable elements.

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For more information, please contact:

Debra Broberg, Co-Founder

Amor & Rosas

(203) 808-8998


Amor & Rosas is a sustainable fashion company based in the US with production in Mexico. Amor & Rosas uses eco-friendly materials, partners with artisans who add embellishments by hand and produces high quality garments that are made to last. Sustainable sources and manufacturing practices are of the utmost importance. Amor & Rosas provides opportunities to capable women across Latin America and strive to preserve Mexican heritage. By partnering with artisans across multiple villages, Amor & Rosas not only supports women and their families, they also revive ancestral techniques that are near extinction. Social impact has never looked so good.

Debra Broberg

Source: Amor & Rosas
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