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Family Dentistry, RLJ Dental Has You Covered

RLJ Detnal RLJ Family Dentistry
OSHKOSH, Wis. - Nov. 15, 2017 - EntSun -- We Know the Best, Most Trusted Dental Provider That's Right for Your Family
When you're planning family events you're probably thinking of reunions, picnics or miniature golf outings. You're probably not thinking about family dentistry, and all that RLJ Dental has to offer every member of your family.

Families have individuals at a variety stages in their life journey. Fortunately RLJ Dental is a network of independent doctors throughout Wisconsin, all of which are equipped to handle your family's unique needs. Dr. Ashley Minten, in our Oshkosh office, is ready to guide you today.

Family Dentistry Is the Solution You're Looking For
RLJ Dental can handle the full spectrum of physical growth, from baby teeth to permanent, adult teeth, and every step in between. Our carefully selected staff has the experience to meet your entire family's specific needs, whether it's a simple cleaning, cosmetic dentistry, or even surgical implants. And it can all be handled in one location, sometimes in one trip!

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You can begin this family dentistry adventure when the kids are still young and impressionable. RLJ Dental offers children under three a free checkup, so they can get used to our dentists, and understand early that they don't need to be afraid of that seat and the bright light. It's also helpful to see if there is a pattern of decay that is taking place when the baby teeth are still in place, because that decay can be transferred to the adult teeth before they even appear in a child's mouth. If children are taught great habits when they are young, they will be less likely to depart from that path when they get older.

Whether your family is two or twelve people, RLJ Dental is ready to be part of your next event. We've got your whole family covered in just one visit.

RLJ Dental, Meeting All Your Dental Needs
No matter where you are in Wisconsin, no matter what dental needs you have, our network of independent dentists are committed to providing the best service with the latest technologies, for the most affordable price. From comprehensive prevention to cosmetic dentistry; periodontal treatments to restorative work; from implants to sports dentistry, RLJ Dental is ready to serve you.

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Our trustworthy team is out to build long-lasting relationships, and we measure our success by a lifetime of smiles. Visit RLJDental.com to find a location near you.

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