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Endometriosis EndoMarch San Diego CA EndoPositive™ Global March Saturday March 28

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Imagine waking up in pain, not just once or twice but every day for years. Now imagine spending thousands of dollars on Doctors after your insurance coverage has been exhausted. Fast forward ten years later and you still don't know what is wrong.

EntSun - Mar. 25, 2015 - SAN DIEGO -- Your family, friends and even your shrink are thinking you might be a little crazy. Welcome to the world of Endometriosis.

This is the exact scenario repeated in different cities, states and countries around the world affecting 175 Million women globally from ages 7 to 40. How is it that Google and Bing can't spell Endometriosis, and it has only recently been added to Webster's Dictionary, yet so many women and girls are affected by it?

This Saturday, March 28th from 11-3 pm in San Diego's Balboa Park women from all over the Southwest will participate in a rally and March to create awareness, community and connection and bring healing and hope far beyond the event. Joining with millions of women around the globe (1 million marched in Nigeria recently) this day of observance will be joined by celebrity survivors like Whoopi Goldberg, Padma Lakshmi from Top Chef, Susan Sarandon, Cyndi Lauper and many others.

Doctors, survivors, experts and speakers will be available to connect, build relationships and access resources and support for each other.

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Event organizers include Endo March local appointee and endo survivor Brittany Smith, Mrs. Marine Corps 2015 and Author, Psychologist survivor and advocate Ania G.

"Many women who are in pain have to wait for ten years before getting a diagnosis," says Author Ania G. "The frustration is in the not knowing what is wrong with your body and why you are in pain." Ania went on to say.

Many doctors will be on hand to speak and to give their knowledge to the attendees. One Doctor, Dr. Ben Johnson, M.D. D.O. N.M.D most popular from being featured in the movie The Secret will be stressing preventive measures women can take to feel better and avoid invasive surgeries. "I'm very excited to contribute a chapter of my book on breast health to Ania's new book Alone in the Crowd – Living Well with Endometriosis. Women are really wising up to the fact that they are in charge of their bodies and can be proactive with their health," Dr. Johnson went on to share.

"It really is the perfect storm. Women who are in pain are looking for a solution, that combined with the internet and the ability to not only find natural solutions but also connect with other supportive women makes this event a plus for these women who, up until now, have felt very alone. We already have a very strong global presence of women in a private Facebook group who are ready to lead, mentor and empower their sisters globally." says Ania.

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"This is why we are launching EndoPositive™ International at this event," Ania went on to report. "The purpose of EndoPositive™ International is to empower the 175 million women globally who suffer from Endometriosis, giving them a stage - giving them a voicethrough connection, community and interactive education," Ania finalized.

EndoPositive™ International already has an international presence and an international board made up of Doctors, Psychologists and Mentors that can provide support to women 24/7 when they need it most.

The finale will include an Endo Beauty pageant to honor the Endo Sisters who are present in San Diego and an endo walk to show support and solidarity with the millions rallying and marching globally. More information on the EndoPositive™ Facebook page EndoPositive.org

Other speakers include:

Linda Jonason, Author Speaker, Entrepreneur , Dr. Kari Young, Marcel van der Wal, Batista Gremaud Author, Speaker, Fitness Teacher & Dr. Fitness USA, Brittany Smith, Mrs. Marine Corp 2015, Mina T. Watkins Life Coach & Speaker, Ania G Endo Survivor, Author, Psychologist, Founder of Endo Positive™ International and Author of ALONE IN THE CROWD – Living Well with Endometriosis

Ania G

Source: EndoPositive™ International
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