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Door Renew Reports Record Revenue

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Despite COVID, Door Renew sales have already exceeded all of last year.

SAN ANTONIO - EntSun -- Even before December results, sales are at an all-time high for Door Renew. The nation's largest door refinishing franchise reports that sales for the 11 months of 2020 have already exceeded all of 2019. Door Renew vice president, John Eggenberger, pointed out "Since we had more franchises than we did in '19 it makes sense that our sales would be higher. What's really important are year-over-year sales - did locations that had sales in 2019 do better in 2020? We've delighted that every franchise did better in 2020 than in 2019."

We asked Eggenberger what impact COVID had on Door Renew. "It varied by region, especially in the 1st quarter. States varied in how they handled the pandemic. Some states shut down non-essential operations and we had locations with zero sales for a couple months. We did see a slowdown across the board in March and April as homeowners weren't sure if they wanted anyone in their homes. By May the dust started to settle, states began opening and homeowners got into the 'let's get it fixed' mentality. By mid-May we were busier than ever. It was a 180 degree change from April and everyone was operating at 100% capacity. By the end of May, virtually every franchise had a backlog of work that was out 3-6 weeks, more in some cases."

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"A couple months ago we had a Zoom call with all franchisees and I wondered what the emotional temperature would be. Well, it was incredibly positive. To a person everyone said they were busy, had a backlog and, most important for me, were happy with how things were going."

In closing we asked John if Door Renew is a pandemic and recession-proof business. "Well, I wouldn't go that far," he said. "What I would say is that our customer base is financially secure so the ups and downs have less immediate impact on them. As a result, there's elasticity - which we saw this year. They may have held off on scheduling service early in the pandemic but once things settled down it was like a dam bursting and the business just poured in. We don't ever want another thing like COVID but if it happens we won't be too worried now that we've been through it.

For more information on Door Renew services go to http://www.doorrenew.com. To learn more about starting your own Door Renew business visit http:www.doorrenewfranchise.com.

John Eggenberger

Source: American Franchise Group
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