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Disney Star Devan Leos Is Using Social Media to Support Charities

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Devan Leos on social media
Devan Leos is using TikTok to raise money for NAMI, and pledgeding company profits to charity. Says service will be lifelong.

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. - EntSun -- Disney Actor Devan Leos has gone to social media recently to announce that his company will be pledging profits to charity, and that Devan and all of his current and future business will be doing all they can to serve charity.

"As far as being involved with a charity, I plan to be involved with various charities for the rest of my life...""I will also be donating 15% of all my company profits to FP-SCV and @NAMICommunicate. Homelessness and mental illness both affect ALL walks of life." -Devan Leos via Twitter.

After announcing this, a few media outlets such as EIN news picked up the story, and Devan has received positive responses from those following him.

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Two years ago, Devan Leos had a run-in with the law; however, the charge of assault with a vehicle is dropped, and Devan avoided jail time. Devan Leos was firm that he was scared and defending himself, and according to court records, the plaintiff did not get harmed. Due to the facts/nature of the case, the DA found cause to give Devan a lenient sentence allowing him to dodge jail time.

Since that incident, Devan has been working with a homeless organization known as Family Promise, as well as advocating for a charitable organization known as NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness). Devan has kept out of trouble, and though he says he was defending himself, the actor-entrepreneur still feels that he should do whatever he can to right any of his wrongs and help those in need.

Family Promise keeps homeless families off the streets and assists recovery by assisting transients in getting jobs and staying clean. NAMI helps understand and assist those who are mentally ill. On Devans TikTok page, it is shown as partnered with supporting NAMI, and many donations have been given through Devans Page. While Devan posts funny videos and Disney Channel-related content to his page, he also does giveaways that can be entered by donating to NAMI or a chosen charity.

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Devan Leos currently owns and operates Ddigital, which specializes in social media marketing, as well as PR, and he is using his resources to help those in need and spread awareness. Devan can be found on Instagram @TheDevanLeos and all other platforms under the same handle. Or contact him through his website https://DDigital.org

To support Family Promise go to FamilyPromiseSCV.org

To support NAMI, please go to NAMI.org

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