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Did you know Emma Geller Green would be 16 this year?

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Remember FRIENDS (the tv series) ? Emma was born in "The One Where Rachel Has A Baby, Part 2" (Season 8 episode 24).

NEW YORK - Oct. 16, 2018 - EntSun -- But we were inspired by another episode – season 10 episode 4 "The one with the cake". Do you remember how Ross was running around videotaping (who still uses this word) everything for Emma's 18th Birthday?

Whatever happened to that tape? …

Well we've decided to solve the problem of lost tapes, discs, drives, phones and broken computers.

We have created Neverforget.videoan online video time-capsule where you can upload your memories or messages and send them to the future, for the people you love.

The video you upload will not be seen
by anyone until the date you set – anytime in the future.

The video will not be lost – we use Amazon Web Services - servers to provide you with maximum security.

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We will not put ads and we will not send you any spam (no data harvesting) – info you provide will be used only for credit card payment verification.

You can record and upload your favourite moments of your kids' childhood to be delivered on their 16th/18th birthday or share the family secret recipe on your granddaughter's 21st birthday. You can also send a video to your loved one for future birthdays or anniversaries so you neverforget.video ever again.

The service costs from 1 USD/month. So storing your video for 5 years will cost you as much as 1 family night at the movies!

Check out our service at


and our FB page


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