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Delica Beads/Cutdana Online at Wholesale Prices

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Delica beads are small tube beads that are used for the adornment and decoration work. These glass beads come in various sizes, colors, and finishes. You can also choose them according to the brands as they come in various brands too. In this blog, we are going to discuss about various brands which are available in Delica Beads.

1) Toho Beads: These are Japanese which are highly consistent in color, size and shape. You can easily achieve professional look while working with them. The color and finish available in these are truly gorgeous. You are going to love how these beads will enhance your overall beading experience.

2) Miyuki Beads: These are also Japanese beads that are known for its high consistency in color, size and finish. They are also available in various sizes and colors. Though they are very similar in properties with Toho beads, but they have a different built design and feel. You can easily use these miyuki delica beads for bead weaving and stringing.

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3) Indian Beads: These beads are the consistent in color and finish. However, you will find that they are a bit inconsistent in size. If you are fan of beads that are provide your designs boho chic look then you can definitely go for these. These wholesale beads can give your designs a unique look too. These are perfect beads for jewelry making.

4) MGB 2 Cut Beads:

These are also Japanese beads and similar to miyuki and toho, they are consistent in color, size and finish. However, their built design and feel is very different from toho and miyuki. They are also available in lovely colors and beautiful finishes.

More Information @ https://www.embroiderymaterial.com/beads/delica-cutdana

You can buy delica beads online at wholesale prices only on embroiderymaterial.com. Please let me know in the comments below which brand do you use for doing your embroidery work and which brand you prefer for jewelry making.stats
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