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Defying censorship an application that will grant you true freedom of expression!

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No one is going to tell you what to say on your social media posts with Drako Kami!

PHILADELPHIA - EntSun -- New APP Defying censorship
"New app hitting the market soon and looking for potential investors! With DrakoKami, you can watch your favorite shows and movies or listen to your favorite podcast without worrying about what has been censored and blocked like other apps. This app also allows users to create their own content with just one click of a button using its live streaming feature.

No one is going to tell you what to say on your social media posts with DrakoKami!
DrakoKami has put in the hard work to provide you with a diverse range of news and information sources. Whether it's your favorite podcast, your favorite YouTube channel, or an informative read, DrakoKami is available for download in the app store and on Google Play! DrakoKami is engineered to bring communities, people, and creativity together in one place. Once you see the innovation of DrakoKami, you will never want to turn back to any of your social media apps again.

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Conservative groups have been facing increased censorship on social media. Facebook, Google, and Twitter have been accused of being biased against conservatives in their newsfeeds and search engine algorithms, which has resulted in lower reach for conservative content.

DrakoKami is a revolutionary mobile application that offers podcasts, videos, and newsfeeds without censorship. This means you can now share your thoughts with anyone in the world and not be afraid of backlash from other users or companies like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Check out our streaming app at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.drakokami. We are also looking for investors; look at the video below for more

Are you tired of censorship?
DrakoKami is the perfect app for you. Our newsfeed will not be censored either! This means that if your favorite journalist or blogger is streaming on our platform, their content will be available for all other users to view/listen to you.  It's truly revolutionary!

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information: https://youtu.be/2P2gYKLX-yI.

We know what you're thinking – how can I get my hands on this amazing product? Well, we just launched our beta version which includes an iOS app as well as a web-based interface so anyone with an internet connection can use it! Click here right now and download the app today! Once you do, sign up using your email address and start enjoying free speech immediately by streaming live video/audio on our platform!

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