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Defending Our Children Radio Show Raises Awareness on Human Trafficking Threat

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The Brushwood Media Network brings a crucial broadcast to its audience with the Defending Our Children Radio Show.

MIAMI - EntSun -- The Brushwood Media Network is proud to announce its exclusive airing of the Defending Our Children Radio Show, a powerful platform aimed at raising awareness about the critical issue of human trafficking of children. Hosted by the dynamic duo of Craig Sawyer and Forrest Sealey, this thought-provoking radio show delivers invaluable insights and information that are essential in combating the single most menacing threat to our way of life.

The Defending Our Children Radio Show airs Monday through Friday at 9:00 am Eastern Time, ensuring that listeners start their day equipped with essential knowledge and tools to protect their children and communities. Additionally, the show reaches a wider audience with a Friday evening airing at 8:00 pm and a Saturday afternoon broadcast at 3:00 pm, making it accessible to a diverse range of listeners.

Human trafficking of children remains an urgent issue that demands our collective attention. As a society, we must stand together to eradicate this abhorrent practice that threatens the safety and well-being of our most vulnerable members. The Defending Our Children Radio Show takes on the vital role of not only exposing the dark realities of child trafficking but also empowering individuals with the information they need to take action and make a difference.

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With experienced hosts Craig Sawyer and Forrest Sealey at the helm, the show provides an insightful blend of expert interviews, survivor stories, and expert analysis. The hosts draw upon their wealth of knowledge and dedication to the cause, creating a space where listeners can learn, engage, and contribute to the fight against child trafficking.

Tune in to the Defending Our Children Radio Show exclusively on The Brushwood Media Network and be part of the movement to protect our children's future. By shining a light on this critical issue, the show helps us all work towards a safer world for the next generation.

Listeners can tune in to Brushwood Media Network through its 16 digital stations, along with popular streaming platforms like Apple Music and TuneIn. With a commitment to quality content and a diverse range of programming, Brushwood Media Network continues to captivate audiences across the digital radio landscape.

For more information about "Defending Our Children" and other engaging programs offered by Brushwood Media Network, visit https://brushwoodmedianetwork.com/.

Cindy Goodman
Brushwood Media Group, Inc.

Source: Brushwood Media Group, Inc.
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