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Creator of modern shapewear brand for women says foundation garments can be body positive

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'Formaccino' offers comfortable, breathable shapewear for all parts of the body

SAN FRANCISCO - EntSun -- Being "body positive" means giving women the right to choose what they want to wear.

That's the message of Formaccino, a new line of women's shapewear available for sale online at formaccino.com.

Shapewear, also known as foundation garments, are types of undergarments worn to form female bodies into desired shapes. Rooted in a history that includes the uncomfortable, constrictive corsets of yesteryear, shapewear in recent years has been associated with impossible beauty standards imposed by men.

Naturally, in the era of #MeToo, shapewear has gotten a bad rap.

Formaccino wants to change that.

"We cater to strong and busy women who CHOOSE to wear our modern, comfortable shapewear," said Maja Trost, founder of Formaccino. "We believe female empowerment leaves room for women to look and dress however they want."

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Formaccino's shapewear comes in styles that can support every part of the body, from the tummy, waist and hips to the thighs, bust and whole body. Composed of silicone and other breathable fabrics, shapewear smooths unwanted bulges and can help to improve posture, giving the wearer more confidence.

The company's founder was motivated by her own mom, who wasn't feeling comfortable in her favorite dress.

"I wanted to help, so I turned to Google and found shapewear for the first time," Trost said. "She liked the idea and decided to try it. She wore it and loved the way she felt relaxed in it. From then on, she wore it for every special occasion."

The only problem: Existing shapewear on the market was too constrictive, rolled down, and didn't breathe.

So Trost decided to design her own shapewear that her mom and other women could wear comfortably.

"We designed this together for other women so they could have a choice, as my mom did, to look and feel beautiful and comfortable in their own skin," Trost said. "From that, Formaccino was born."

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The company is now making its groundbreaking shapewear products available for the first time through their online store at https://formaccino.com.

View a video about Formaccino's new line of comfortable, breathable shapewear for women at https://www.facebook.com/formaccino/videos/465067800719077/.

Learn more about Formaccino at https://formaccino.com. Follow Formaccino on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.

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