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Couponupto Research Findings: Consumer Trends in 2019

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Science and technology are gaining more achievements than ever and so is the commerce market. With a lot of on-going changes, Couponupto, a facilitator for consumer experience, has conducted research on global consumer trends that will become the future of shopping and retailing.

California, August 21, 2019, These are highlights of consumer trends in 2019 that will have the most impact on consumers' retail behaviour.

Beauty for one and for all. Beauty in 2019 has been shifting from fitting towards expressing yourself. According to experts, this year will be the year of gender-inclusive beauty. A typical example is David Beckham on the cover of Love magazine, which is considered as the changing face of beauty in 2019 with his sporting green eye shadow.

The future of beauty is being shaped by diversity and inclusivity, in which all consumers regardless of genders, sexual persuasions and skin colours are seeking brands that allow them to express their individual uniqueness. This also means the brands that put them into a predefined mould of beauty will sooner or later be rejected.

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The Rise of Responsible Consumerism. Responsible consumerism is no new trend but it will become mainstream in 2019. Buying good is now becoming easier, so consumers will choose brands that help them makes better and more responsible choices. Some great examples that take the lead in responsible consumerism include Ikea, Nike and For Days. These brands are addressing social issues and environmental concerns.

We are what they eat. Healthy eating has been gaining more public interest these days as consumers are more interested in food as preventative medicine. After all, our diets are a big part of our health, so there is an increasing desire to know what they are eating. Plant-based "meat" products that provide hearty satisfaction on the tongue and better health in the body are in demand.

Safe at home. With the development of science and technology, everything's become more convenient and life's become more hectic at the same time. As a result, people need a comfortable space to rest after a busy day. Technology in the form of easy-to-install home security systems offers you safe heaven and more control in your own home. We will be living in a smart home with app-based access to lights, garage doors, thermostats and locks in the near future.

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Digital and physical shopping converge. In order to meet the requirements of feeling, touching and experiencing shopping in the real world, online retail is being developed with more physical spaces. Target is an example that is at the forefront of combining in-store experiences with digital convenience. There will be more retailers becoming both online and offline stores in the future.

Couponupto is among this trend as we offer the facilitation of optimizing users' experience by providing coupon codes and deals from so many stores, including those who are working towards becoming both online and physical retailers.

This press release is by Couponupto.com digital marketing company, [Union Street, Eureka, CA, United States and (208) 268-0347]stats
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