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Confronting anti-Asian violence, hate crimes, & killings-by Anh Lê -1ST Published in Marina Times

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Confronting anti-Asian violence, hate crimes, and killings in San Francisco and the Bay Area

A rally launching a second campaign to unseat the district attorney took place at Portsmouth Square on May 26, photo: Anh Lê

by Anh Lê

July 2021

Marina Times Editor's note: In the wake of numerous incidents of anti-Asian assaults and increasing concern over violent crime in San Francisco, independent journalist Anh Lê shares this extended look at its impact on the city's Asian American community and how it is affecting the movement to recall the district attorney.

For more information on this and related topics, see "Why colleagues say District Attorney Chesa Boudin must go," "Reynolds Rap,"
Marina Times, June 2021.

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Fanley Chen is the owner of GoApple, a cell phone accessories store at 913 Grant Avenue in Chinatown. Many of the customers there speak Chinese, some of them are tourists. Due to the decrease in tourism during the pandemic, her store's business volume has decreased. But Chen is a hard worker, and her store is open seven days a week. She is able to stay afloat and hopes that more tourists will gradually return to Chinatown.

In mid-May, unfortunately, Chen's life was impacted by a serious problem plaguing some businesses in Chinatown: theft and robbery. And for Chen, violence against her.

Two young people, a male and a female, entered her store in broad daylight. The male showed her three phone cases and demanded that she give him three new phone cases of the correct size. She recognized that the cases were from her store and told him to show her a purchase receipt, which he couldn't produce. He then walked over to the display, grabbed three new phone cases, and left the store. She followed him outside and told him to return the items or she would call the police. He yelled, "Go ahead! Call the police!"...

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The theft and pepper spraying received wide news coverage in San Francisco. KGO TV news reporter Dion Lim interviewed Fanley Chen. Betty Yu of KPIX covered the story, as did KTVU, KRON, SFGate and others, including the Marina Times, which posted the news on its website and tweeted it.

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Musicians Ricardo Scales and Ensemble perform at a unity-themed concert at Portsmouth Square. photo: Anh Lê

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