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Christophe Beaucourt's Punk Crime Thriller, 'MIRAGE' Is Now Available on Amazon Prime

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LOS ANGELES - EntSun -- Christophe Beaucourt's Punk Crime Thriller, 'MIRAGE' is now available on Amazon Prime.

A desperate photographer who suffers from a degenerative eye disease and a husband who wants to kill his dying wife, plot to recover her life insurance.

What sets Mirage apart from other films out there?

"It's a film noir which is a very classic genre but it flirts with surrealism.

Mirage looks like nothing else as it is set in an original modern urbanized world. It has its own aesthetic universe, not Paris nor New York nor anywhere else. This is is not common in a thriller. Normally this is reserved for sci-fi/fantastic movies. I wanted the plot to be set in an anonymous metropolis to decontextualize the story.

What also sets Mirage apart from other films out there is the fact that punk is part of its DNA and it gives personality. Not because it was 100% DIY, nor because there's punk music as I asked friends who play in punk bands as such as Outreau, Warum Joe, Holy Holster, Panty Party, King Phantom, Louis Lingg and the Bombs, Spermicide (and a tune by Russian alternative rock band Sonic Death). Punks from Paris local scene got involved as did actors and technicians : Taga Addams, one of the main protagonists, is the bass player in Bollocks Breakers, Plex is the ex-frontman of hxc band Les Gnomes, Sean is the guitar player and frontman of Project Reject, Jano is bar co-owner of Paris punk bar the Holy Holster (where the bar scenes were shot) and guitar player in bands King Phantom, Holy Holster, Panty Party, Wunderbacht and features in legendary French punk band Warum Joe. And the crew was entirely punk : Ingrid, the sfx make up, is singing in the post punk Primal Shudders, Josh, the composer, is the guitar player of Louis Lingg and the Bombs, Toto, the sound designer and mixer, is playing guitar in Baffes ou Torgnoles."

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